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Dr. Joel Wallach starts the show discussing longevity.  Citing the story of George Francis who lived to 112 years old.  When interviewed and asked his secret to his long life he said he did all the wrong things.  Eating a lot of dairy, fats and eggs his entire life as well as eating wild game.  Asserting that he lived through 18 presidents who lived an average life span of 75 years whose doctors lived an average of 56 years.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article about a woman whose doctors and hospital forced her to have a C section.  The woman had three previous C sections increasing risk of injury or death to the infant during a vaginal birth.  A federal judge, the hospital and the doctors forced the woman against her will while 80% of vaginal births following C sections come out just fine.


Omar has a friend who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Linda has a friend whose 6 year old son with a rash.

Charmain's daughter is in the hospital with an infection.

Joe has been diagnosed with spinal stenosis.

Kat's cat has periodontal disease.

Donna is on dialysis and asks Dr. Wallach how she should go about taking supplements.

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