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Dr. Joel Wallach starts the show discussing cultures that live to be 100 or more.  Contending these cultures are still getting minerals in their food because they put wood ash (minerals) into their gardens.  Asserting these peoples also don't have access to modern healthcare.  Outlining that in the U.S. we used to get minerals in our crops from the silt left behind after floods.  But once all of the major rivers were dammed the floods didn't happen so we stopped getting minerals.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article concerning an Australian study on back pain.  The study followed over 6600 people who had sudden (acute) lower back pain.  Some were given acetaminophen regularly 3 times a day,  as needed only and a placebo.  The study found that all three groups were pain free in about the same number of days.  The participants also rated their pain on a scale one to ten and all three groups rated their pain about the same.


Arnold's wife has kidney disease and her doctor wants to start dialysis.

Barbara's doctor wants to give her a knee replacement.

Omar's father is experiencing chronic abdominal pain.

Constance has periodontal disease and hypertension.

Kathy is a type 2 diabetic trying to get off of her medications.

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