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Dr. Peter Glidden fills in for Dr. Wallach starting the show discussing why the medical system has failed us.  Outlining the difference between allopathic medicine that MDs practice and holistic medicine practiced by naturopathic doctors.  Pointing out that holistic medicine treats the human body as a whole system.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Glidden discuss a news article regarding a study on sugar intake.  The study found that women who consumed the most added sugars in drinks are 10% more likely to die from any cause.  The researchers believe this is due to severe spikes in blood sugar.  


Edith is recovering from brain cancer.

Ann has questions regarding type 2 diabetes.

Nathaniel's brother has chronic flatulence when he takes Youngevity products.

Mike is a type 2 diabetic with bone on bone arthritis.

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Dead Doctors Don