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Listen to Naturopathic Doctor Peter Glidden passionately engage with open minded Medical Doctor Eric Wattenburg as they discuss What's Wrong with the Health Care System In a harrowing two hours of lively discourse.

Dead Doctors Don't Lie Program 30 April 2014


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Dr. Wallach starts the show today discussing a recent economic report.  Asserting the economy is growing at less than 1%.  Stating that shopping malls are empty because everyone is shopping online.  Contending more and more people will lose jobs and those people should start building a business through Youngevity.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article regarding a report from WHO (the World Health Organization).  The report states that drug resistant bacteria is now found in every corner of the world.  Experts warning that is some areas of the world treatments are useless in more than half of cases.  Stating that minor infections could start killing people and there is a need for new classes of drugs.
However not one mention in the article that was the overuse of antibiotics by MDs that created this problem.  Doc asserts that these bacteria don't build up an immunity to Youngevity's "Liquid Colloidal Silver".


Lindy has friend whose PSA level is 37.

Bryan has a friend who has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia.

Imagene is experiencing chronic joint pain she is obese and has dizzy spells.

Doug has a friend diagnosed with primary biliary cirrhosis.

Nishi has been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis.

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