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Dr. Peter Glidden fills in for Dr. Wallach today beginning the show discussing his mentor Dr. Joel Wallach.  Stating the reasons why Dr. Wallach set Youngevity as a network marketing company.  Contending that this was done to build a coalition of informed people who can help change the way America thinks about healthcare.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Glidden discuss a news article regarding a study on time change.  The study found that there was a 25% increase in heart attacks on the Monday following changing to daylight savings time.  Also finding a 21% decrease in heart attacks the Tuesday following the change back to standard time.


Brian's wife has had Alzheimer's for 19 years.

Bill's mom recently fainted and was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat.

Ron has several health challenges including acid reflux, sinus problems, joint pain and red patches around his eyes.

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