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Dr. Wallach starts the show discussing that a new program soon to come out from Youngevity regarding longevity.  Outlining how some cultures have 10 times the number of people living to 100 year old compared to the U.S.  Contending these peoples are living in third world countries often without electricity and no in door plumbing.  Asserting this is because they are getting nutrients in their diets that we are not getting.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article regarding care at some VA medical centers.  Specifically looking at two VA medical centers in the south that have seen veterans die because there were delays in their care.  The delays were concerning tests for gastrointestinal health such as colooscopies and endoscopies.  Patients had to wait so long to get the tests that by the time it was determined the had cancers it too late to save them.


Anthony has two questions the first regarding a friend with chronic sinus infections.  The second concerning another friend who has a stroke and a heart attack as well as stents put in his heart.

Tammy has a friend who is a former NFL player suffering from severe joint and muscle pain.

Larry has questions concerning his daughter who was born with spinabifida and can't walk.

Shelton is experiencing chronic eye pain.

Jay has been diagnosed with psoriasis.

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