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Dead Doctors Don't Lie Program 20 November 2013


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Dr. Wallach starts the show stating that experts are telling us that children today won't live as long as their parents. Doc asserts that doctors have failed us citing several statistics of children getting diseases that previously were predominately found in older adults. Contending this is partially due to kids being gluten intolerant and not absorbing dietary nutrients.


Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article concerning studies on the health benefits of the spice turmeric. One study from Japan found that turmeric given to hairless mice help prevent and even reverse the damage of UVB radiation to the skin. It's also been used in Chinese medicine to boost brain function, improve mood and treat depression.



  • Miriam needs a root canal and asks Dr. Wallach for a nutritional protocal to help her heal.
  • Al's dog has been diagnosed with zero platelets in it's blood.
  • Dana has a friend recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
  • Gary has a friend who has been diagnosed with Lyme's disease.
  • Diane has glaucoma but wants to get off of the eye drops her doctor prescribed.
  • Judy has been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia.
  • Milana has torn cartilage in her hip and her doctor is recommending a hip replacement.


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