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Dr. Wallach starts the show today outlining what he calls "sister diseases". These are diseases that either caused by another or that are usually found together in the same individuals. Also citing his theory of why long lived cultures have more people that live to be 100. These are usually third world countries where people still cook and heat with wood. Then they put the ash in the gardens so now they are getting minerals in their food.


Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article regarding a report out from a physicians group. The report lists five questionable medical tests and treatments. One item on the list states "Don't routinely prescribe lipid lowering medications to individuals with a limited life expectancy. Meaning don't give statins to patients over 70 years of age. The group found that giving statins to older adults did not prevent any more deaths. But did put patients at risk of muscle aches, liver toxicity, gastrointestinal distress, impair memory, heighten risk of diabetes and possibly increase the risk of cancer.



  • Shirley is struggling with depression but doesn't want to take drugs.
  • Doug has a friend whose daughter has been diagnosed with the skin disorder ichthyosis.
  • Rick's wife has hypothyroidism and is gaining weight.
  • Gary has questions concerning retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration.


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