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Dr. Wallach begins todays show discussing type 2 diabetes. Citing statistics of how many Americans have diabetes and the statistics of how much money this disease is going to cost in the future. Contending that it is not a genetic disease but rather a lifestyle and nutritional deficiency disease. Also asserting that drugs like prednizone and antidepressants have type two diabetes as major side effects.


Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article concerning a study on MS (multiple sclerosis). The study found that using a combination of a dose of calcitriol, the active hormone form of vitamin D and ongoing vitamin D supplements could reverse the symptoms of MS in mice. In fact 100% of the mice getting this combo responded to treatment. This compared to the FDA approve drug glucocorticoid that gave a six day remission in 58% of the mice.



  • Michael has been diagnosed with gastritis.
  • Anthony has questions for two people one of whom already had a hip replacement but still has a great deal of pain. The second person's doctor is recommending a hip replacement procedure.
  • Olga's husband is experiencing extreme pain in his shoulder.
  • Sandra's mom is on dialysis and wants to use nutrients to improve her kidney function.
  • Leanna has a friend who is suffering from the side effects from taking methotrexate.
  • Sean has questions concerning neural tube defects.


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