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Dr. Wallach starts the show discussing a news article about how the medical system is set to start treating what they believe are impending epidemics among the "baby boomers". Doc asserts that the human body has 72 joints and that orthopedic surgeons are set to try and replace them all.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a study presented at the World Congress on Osteoarthritis. The study found that a blend of herb extracts performed better than the generic version of Celebrex at pain managment. The product contained an extract of turmeric combined with an extract of boswellia. Both have long used used as a traditional treatment of arthritis pain.


  • Eldrina has hypertension and was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.
  • Phillip has two questions the first concerns chronic pain in his arm. Second he has questions regarding his wife's pain in her shoulders and neck.
  • Jason has two questions the first concerns his girlfriend who experiences chronic pain during menstration. Second he has questions about losing weight.
  • Darrell has extremely dry skin and hair as well as osteoarthritis.

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