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Dr. Wallach starts the show today discussing a news article from the New York Times. The story predicts a shortage of doctors within the next few years. Doc says this is a good thing because fewer people will be killed by doctors. Citing several statistic of how many people are killed, injured or infected in medical settings.


Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news story on plastic surgery. The story outlines the specific case of a woman that went in for breast augmentation. Magazine ads had touted her doctor as "board certified" and a top plastic surgeon in her area. The night after her procedure she discovered that her implants were lodged in her arm pits. The next day she returned to have her doctor tell her "I have never seen this before". Another doctor informed her the first botched the surgery and she would require more surgery to repair the damage. She also discovered that her first doctor was certified just not in plastic surgery. Discovering her doctor is an eye doctor. State medical boards do certify doctors but don't restrict doctors from perfornming procedures outside of their train or specialty. The only reason this occuring is that doctors can make more money.


  • Dan has prostate cancer that may have returned as his PSA numbers are increasing again.
  • Marina's friends nine year old daughter is already over-weight.
  • Dot has been diagnosed with macular degeneration.
  • Debbie's husband is trying to lose weight and asks if rapid weight loss can trigger vision problems.
  • Kelley has been diagnosed with vaginal herpes.


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