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Dr. Wallach discusses the 15 million casualties in the medical industy each year in the United States.  Outlining various strategies to avoid being part of the medical industry.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a couple of news articles concerning the nation's food supply.  One article outlined the fact that ingredients imported to put in foods are rarely ever inspected.  The U.S. is currently importing more and more products from countries like China, Mexico and India.  These countries have had the most products fail inspections than others when the inspections are done.  The second article concerns the FDA's investigation into the tainted pet foods.  Some FDA officials now believe it is possible the melamine was intentionally put into wheat and rice glutens to boslter the perceived protein levels.


  • Mike is having trouble focusing visually.
  • Charles has a history of blood clots in his legs and also has osteo arthritis.
  • J.R. has questions regarding PSA tests.
  • Danny asks Dr. Wallach if it's ok to freeze Youngevity products.
  • Rich has questions regarding the FDA's most recent attempt to regulate vitamins and minerals.
  • Greg has had athletes foot for 15 years.

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