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Dr. Wallach discusses the Virginia Tech campus shooting.  Outlining the fact that the shooter had previously exhibited behavior that should have been a red flag to school administrators.  Doc asserts that violent behavior is often a result of nutritional deficiencies.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a recent news story regarding an FDA advisor.  The advisor a Dr. Victoria Hampshire is a veteranarian who was analyzing data concerning the heart worm preventative Proheart 6 made by drug giant Wyeth.  She outlined data regarding an exceedingly high number of deaths among dogs who had been given the drug.  Wyeth officials argued the data was faulty but did eventually make the largest pet drug recall in history on Proheart 6.  Nearly two months later a Wyeth CEO had a private meeting with then FDA commisioner Lester Crawford telling him about possible "conflict of interest" issues concerning Dr. Hampshire.  With close on the heels of the Vioxx debacle Hampshire was summarily reassigned to a meanless job within the FDA.


  • Willis has an 80 year old friend who is incontinent.
  • Laurie has two questions the first concerns soy products.  Second she asks Dr. Wallach about her dog that has been diagnosed with congestive heart disease.
  • Crystal is pregnant and has questions about which Youngevity products she should be taking.
  • Wanda stopped taking HRT and her hair started falling out.
Dead Doctors Don