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Dr. Wallach discusses the health and longevity of doctors. Asserting that doctors only live on average to age 56. Dying of cancers, heart attacks, stokes and diabetes. The same types of health maladies that we go to them to try and prevent. Doc also talks about aging in relationship to caloric intake. Citing studies that indicate a lower caloric in take with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals directly correlates to longer life.

Pearls of Wisdom

Dr. Wallach and Doug discuss a recent study done at Princeton University. The study looked at the addicative qualities of sugar. Finding that a high sugar diet was linked to the development of more dopamine receptors. Concluding that this was what caused rats to become addicted to sugar. Dr. Wallach disagrees stating that "cravings" are caused by mineral deficiencies. Also asserting that a high sugar diet causes an increased dumping of minerals, thus making the cravings worse.


Sherree has been diagnosed with diffused scleraderma. Mike is a recovery alcoholic calling to give Dr. Wallach an update report on his condition. Robin recently tested positive for TB (tuberculosis). Errol has questions concerning his joints that grind together.

Dead Doctors Don