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Dr. Wallach talks about the fact that many people gain weight over the holiday season.  Often people then make a New Years resolution to lose the weight they gained in the new year.  Dr. Wallach recommends several of the Youngevity weight loss products to help people keep their resolution a reality.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a recent news story concerning a drug wholesaler and a drug information company.  Suits have been filed against both McKesson Corporation and First DataBank Inc. accusing the companies of price fixing.  Although the alledged price fixing would not have benefitted the two financially it would have benefitted their customers. The Prescription Access Litigation Project who filed the suits contends if the suits are settled it could save consumers and taxpayers $4 billion the first year.


  • Ken asks Dr. Wallach if oil soluable vitamins can build up in the body's fatty tissues.
  • Ronnie has a horse that was "road foundered" (ran without a shoe until the bone protrudes from the hoof).
  • Frank has questions concerning natural sugars compared to processed sugars.
  • Lavell has been diagnosed with lymphademia.

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