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Pharmacist Ben Fuchs fills in for Dr. Wallach.  Ben asserts that cancers is one of the biggest killers of Americans each year.  Outlining that the major cause of cancer is the toxins in and around our bodies.  Ben details the ways the human body detoxifies using various nutrients.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Ben Fuchs discuss a recent news article regarding folate and folic acid.  The article outlines how the FDA mandated folic acid enriched grains in 1998 in an effort to reduce neural tube defects in infants.  The result was a 20-30% drop in neural tube defects.  However the end goal was to have at least 50% of childbearing age women taking 400 micrograms per day.  A recent research indicates that goal has not been met.  With most women in all groups taking only somewhere around 100 micrograms daily.


  • Bobbie is a 45 year old woman who weighs 240 pounds and wants to lose weight.
  • Liz has questions concerning time released vitamin B products.
  • Sheila has a friend who has drug induced tremors.
  • Sonny's wife and child are both over weight and looking for ways to lose weight.
  • Bill is a diabetic trying to lose weight and calls with a testimonial about how well Youngevity's Slender FX product has worked in helping him lose weight.

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