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Nurse Joanne Conaway fills in for Dr. Wallach.  Joanne begins the show discussing gall bladder removal.  Asserting that many doctors would have patients believe that it is an organ that is not necessary.  Joanne outlines the importance of the gall bladder in breaking down fats taken into the body.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and nurse Joanne Conaway discuss a recent news article regard a study published in the British journal Lancet Oncology.  The study found that women 45 and younger  who have healthy ovaries removed during a hysterectomy and do not go on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) are twice as likely to die during the study period than those who still have ovaries.  For the first time gynecological surgeons are starting to re-think the theory of removing health ovaries as a preventative measure to avoid ovarian cancer.


  • Victor has two questions the first concerns his mother-in-law who recently suffered a second stroke.  Second Victor has questions concerning asthma and diet.
  • Ed has a 6 year old boy with blood in his stool and a rash on his rectum.
  • Maria was recently diagnosed with gall stones.

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