Dr. Joel Wallach begins the show discussing osteoporosis. Asserting that as osteoporosis progresses the bones start getting thicker. Stating that with spinal stenosis the disks in the spine get thinner pinching nerves. Causing peripheral neuropathis where people feel tingling or burning in their feet and legs. Contending these conditions can be reversed through nutritional supplementation of all 90 essential nutrients.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article about a hospital in Indiana that may have infected more than 1000 patients. Due to a mistake by a sterilization technician 1182 patients may have been infected with hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. Patients who underwent surgery at Goshen Hospital between April 1 and September30 have been sent letters alerting them.


Anita's father has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and also has high blood pressure.

Shirin has been diagnosed with bronchiectasis and has a chronic fever.

Cindy has several health challenges including anemia, heart palpatations and asthma.

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