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Nutritional Pharmacist Melissa Golladay fills in for Dr. Joel Wallach. Beginning the show discussing the importance of avoiding an inflammatory diet. Contending that inflammation in the body is linked to all disease states. She outlines the types of foods that inflame the body such as oils, burnt meats and processed foods.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Melissa Golladay discuss a news article about hidden sugars. Specifically blueberry muffins sold in the U.K. that contain as much sugar as a Coke. Some of these muffins containing as much as eight teaspoons of sugar. Which is as much sugar that an adult is recommended to eat in an entire day.


Mosh has a friend born with a malformed retina in their eyes.

David has a friend with scoliosis and asks what kind of supplement program he should recommend.

Dorian has questions about the health benefits of drinking coffee.

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