Good Morning Monterey Bay

Good Morning Monterey Bay, Monday through Friday, is headed up by KSCO Radio's Rosemary Chalmers, aided by Rick O'Shea. Susan Simon, Amanda Font in the newsroom, Rick O'Shea with your King of the Hill Traffic updates, and K.O. with national and local sports.

Good Morning Monterey Bay provides you with tons of up to date, in detail traffic reports, local news, local weather, and boating reports. In their generally light-hearted fashion, the crew will keep you up to date on your local events, in both news and culture, and sports, covering the entire Central Coast.

You will also enjoy regular information on gardening, veteran's affairs, books, movies, cooking, science and astronomy, conspiracies, celebrity gossip, fishing, and information on your pets. You will laugh a lot and sometimes cry, even when you get the good news.

Tune in, and find out what you've been missing. Good Morning Monterey Bay, M-F, 6am-9am.




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{MP3remote}{/MP3remote} Download File Rosemary Chalmers talks to Dr. Anna Kesler-Diaz, with Palo Alto Medical Foundation, about senior health issues

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{MP3remote}{/MP3remote} Download File Rosemary Chalmers discusses the murder of Shannon Collins, co-owner of "Camouflage" in Santa Cruz. No motive has been established for the brutal attack, which occurred Monday, May 7th, on the 300 block of Santa Cruz's Broadway Ave. 44-year-old Charles Anthony Edwards III has been arrested for her murder.

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{MP3remote}{/MP3remote} Download File Rosemary Chalmers discusses the brutal murder of local businesswoman Shannon Collins. Collins was stabbed to death 05/07/12 in broad daylight, on the 300 block of Broadway Ave. 44-year-old Charles Anthony Edwards III has been arrested for the murder.

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