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Dr Future

Dr. Future, often known as Allan Lundell, entertains all positive possibilities for the future. Tuesdays at 2 pm until 4pm on KSCO 1080 AM radio in Santa Cruz and Monterey. Join our evolutionary agents and the listening locals for the live stream at ksco.com and/or call in your POV/questions at 831.479.1080. With Sun Lundell (MrsFuture) and an envelope of well placed agents to comment on our shared future, get in on the conversation. Live links posted at www.DrFutureShow.com/links and discussed on air weekly.

The Future is Here and Now!


DrFuture Interview: Interview- Larry Green, MD, Ph.D - on using Fermentation (The Bokashi Cycle) for Treating Organic Waste

Dr. Larry Green, MD,PhD is a research scientist with more then 40 years experience in problem solving in the bioscience world. He is a physician and scientist, keenly interested in finding simple yet profound solutions to common problems affecting our daily lives. 

Dr. Larry Green on Bokashi FermentationIn our show he educates us about the use of fermentation in the treatment of our kitchen waste and pet droppings.  Though known in other parts of the world, theBokashi fermentation cycle is relatively unknown in North America.  Dr. Green would like to change this, as fermenting our waste products can create better soil for our home gardens and ornamental plants, reduce green house gases, and critters that feed on our organic waste.

DrFuture News N:OW - Google Cars Drive in the City, Twitter Pre-Crime, Soft Landing for SpaceX Booster,$100 Million for us for Solar Panels, Ken Adam's new McKenna film "Imaginatrix."

Autonomous Google cars are learning to drive in the city.

A DrFutureShow recap, in case you tuned in late on Tuesday April 29.

This week's DrFutureShow took a few turns in Google's autonomous cars. With new software geared to handle city driving, Google is teaching their vehicles to avoid stalled cars in the lane ahead, and to pause at corners as bicycles pass from behind.  City driving means the cars are getting smarter as they learn to avoid potential accidents, which can happen with much more frequency at busy intersections compared with flowing traffic on the Interstates. Anyone willing to ride in a Google robot Taxi? 

And speaking of safety technologies, law enforcement is using Twitter to predict crime, provided it’s the right kind of crime. Say what? Tune in to the KSCO Podcast here. Past shows, Blog, and Links for the latest show are available on the www.drfutureshow.com page.

DrFuture News N:OW, May 7, 2014 - Major NIH study on Living Past 90, Neanderthal update, Big Volvo Autopilot project, Smart Phones Change the Web

Volvo Auto Pilots driving around town

 This week on Dr. Future News, the Futures discussed Long Life Humans, and ancient prehistoric humanoid species who did not go extinct, according to the latest scientific analysis. It might surprise you to learn that wine and coffee both get a thumbs up when it comes to reaching 90 years old, while being very thin seems associated with a shorter life span. More good news for these and other folks who are no longer interested in driving their cars, DrFuture reports on progress on testing autopilot cars by Volvo and Google. These and other surprising secrets to long life are discussed in the May 7th podcast on .

DrFuture, Apr. 29, 2014 - Interviews with writer Brad Olsen & Filmmaker Ken Adams

This week's guest - Writer and Explorer of the Esoteric, Brad Olsen 

 Listen Now to Brad Olsen on The Dr. Future Show 4.29.14

Tune into our free-ranging conversation on pyramid star alignments, Free energy, Alien overlords, underground bases, secret occult knowledge, Indigo children, shadow space program, dream learning, mass planetary awakening, and the upcoming How Weird Street Faire, with Brad Olsen!

Brad Olsen

Writer Brad Olsen announced the release of “The Esoteric Series” in early 2013, with the release of two books in two years. Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms was released to many favorable reviews in January, 2013 through CCC Publishing in paperback and all e-book formats. The second installment of the series, Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses was released in March, 2014. The website devoted to the book series is: www.esotericseries.com  Already, “Modern Esoteric” has won the Pinnacle Book award as Best Book in the Catergory of “New Age.”


Kathleen Crocetti Special Guest on It’s A Question Of Balance with Ruth Copland Saturday 24th January 9-10 PM

This week as my special guest from the arts I’m pleased to be interviewing live in the studio Kathleen Crocetti, award winning conceptual artist, Gail Rich Award Recipient, and 2009 California art teacher of the year. Known for creating artworks that challenge people to address and become more involved in social and political issues, a vital part of Kathleen’s artistic practice is community building and she has initiated and overseen many community art projects in Corralitos, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, and at a United Nations building in Gaza.

Join me Saturday 9-10 PM to find out more about the life and art of Kathleen Crocetti. For more info and to hear previous shows visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com

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