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Guests: Gerald Celente and Dr Hassan Astaneh-Asl

Gerald Celente is the leading expert in trend forecasting and joins the Saturday Special to discuss what direction the world economy seems to be headed.  To find out more about Gerald Celente click here:

The guest for the second hour is Dr Hassan Astaneh-Asl.  Dr Astaneh-Asl is one of the loudest voices in the Bay Area to question the safety of the new Bay Bridge.  Click here to find out more about Dr Hassan Astaneh-Asl:

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Guests: Mike Rotkin, Long Time Local Politician , Lecturer at UCSC and Michael and Joanne Shaw, Property Rights Advocates

Consider this a sequel to last week's show.  Mike Rotkin does a fantastic job explaining his stance on "Agenda 21".  What is it? Who will be affected?  Is it just the exaggeration of some strangely worded ideals by the UN?  Enjoy a civil and friendly discussion between people on both sides of this issue.

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Guests: Michael and Joanne Shaw- Agenda 21 and What You Should Know

Michael and Joanne Shaw have been studying Agenda 21 for years and join MZ to discuss the details of Agenda 21.  Find out just how extensive this master plan is and who's involved in executing it.  From Federal to local municipal governments seem to be working toward a final goal.  For news and updates on issues you should know about  click here:

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