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Local News

Scientists Introduce New Measles Patch- 4/28/15 11:30 M.K.

A new method for administering the measles vaccine has been developed. The method utilizes microneedles on a patch that dissolve into the skin and release the vaccine. Developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the measles patch is designed to make it easier for vaccines to be carried out by workers with less training. It requires less storage, and makes distribution and disposal easier and safer.  Because the microneedles dissolve in the skin, the risk of accidental needlesticks is virtually eliminated. The cost of the measles patch is expected to be comparable to the needle and syringe vaccine which is currently in use.


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UC Santa Cruz to Install 'Smart Meters'- 4/28/15 11:30 M.K.

UC Santa Cruz is replacing hundreds of water meters on campus with smart meters. The smart meters measure the amount of water that is being used per hour. Monitoring water usage in real time makes it easier to detect leaks. With the previous meters, leaks were only discovered through discrepancies on monthly water bills. 50 meters have already been installed around the main campus and at the Marine Science campus. School officials plan to replace all of the existing meters by next month.

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Death of Woman Found in Pinto Lake Considered Suspicious- 4/28/15 09:00 S.G.

The death of a woman found in Pinto Lake on Sunday is being investigated as suspicious. The body was found by a fisherman near the lake’s northwestern shore around 11:30 a.m. Officials believe the victim was in the water for about 1 to 2 weeks. Due to the decomposition of the body, the age and identity of the woman have not yet been determined. Investigators hope to have more information from the autopsy by the end of the week.


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UPDATE: Boronda Community School in Salinas to Re-Open- 4/28/15 08:00 S.G.

Salinas officials voted last night to re-open Boronda Community School. The board of the Salinas City Elementary School District made the decision to alleviate overcrowding in the 13 schools it oversees. The campus will start with kindergarten classes in the fall and grow each year to a K-6th school. District officials say it will cost $1.5 million to renovate the school, which has been closed for 10 years.

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UPDATE: Corn Maiden Foods Inc. Adds Tamale Product to Recall- 4/28/15 P.S./S.G. 06:30

Corn Maiden Foods, Inc. is adding another product to its recall due to misbranding and an undeclared allergen. Earlier this month, the company recalled over 15,000 pounds of Pork Santa Fe Green Chile Tamales, Pork Yucatan, and Beef Brisket Taquitos. The recall now includes Pork Carnitas, Green Chile, and Oregano Tamales. The products contain hydrolyzed soy protein, which is not declared on the product label. So far, there have been no reported illnesses and the items bear establishment number '20949' inside the USDA mark of inspection. Consumers with questions about the recall can contact Corn Maiden Foods, Inc.

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