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Stricter Parking Technology In Pacific Grove

(6:00) Monterey: The city of Pacific Grove is implementing stricter parking enforcement measures. This new license plate recognition technology has been added to its parking Scooter. Monterey officials hope that this new technology will help their employees job easier and more efficient. This technology ensures that no tickets will be issued by mistake right now this technology has only been implemented on one parking scooter, there are currently no plans to add recognition to any others. 

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Four People Arrested After Attempted Car Jacking

Four people were arrested in Monterey early Tuesday morning after an attempted car jacking.     Monterey County Sheriffs officials were called to the scene involving a suspect in pocession of a firearm at the crossroads of York Road and Blue Larkspur Lane in Monterey. The two suspects fled the scene upon the arrival of the Deputies. The authorities were able to locate the individuals inside a monterey home. During the search authorities found two loaded firearms and a box of bullets. 25-year-old John Dakota Farrald and 21-year-old Salvatore Ciolino were arrested for carjacking, pursuit and illegal firearm possession. During the investigation 19-year-old Mackenzie Sampagnaro was also found inside the home with an active warrant for arrest, as well as 24 year old Bridgette Sampagnaro, who is on probation and was in possession of drug paraphernalia.  And all four suspects have been booked into Monterey County Jail.


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SV Police Hold Meeting to Discuss Skate Park Vandalism

(8:00) Scotts Valley: The Scotts Valley Police Department will hold a meeting today at the Parks and Recreation Commission. This meeting follows repeated acts of vandalism at the Scotts Valley Skate Park. In the meeting there will be an open discussion of potential ideas and recommendations to further the safety of skate park users, to gain greater compliance of skate park rules, and to minimize potential future acts of vandalism to the park’s infrastructure. The meeting will be held at the Scotts Valley City Council Chambers tonight at 6 p-m.

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Department of Agriculture Grant Awarded in Aptos

(9:00) Aptos: Congressman Jimmy Panetta announced on Tuesday that Aptos-based FarmLink will receive a nearly six thousand dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These funds awarded through USDA’s Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program, will be used to train local up and coming farmers as well as to help them access land, capital and marketing opportunities. In the 18 years since its inception FarmLink has helped more than 700 aspiring farmers and landowners in creating and sustaining successful farm businesses in the 20th Congressional District.

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September 21, 2017: New Bail set for Dr. & 2 nurses  

(10:20) Santa Cruz - Judge, John Salazar, has increased the bail amount for a Santa Cruz Neurosurgeon and 2 nurses who are accused of child sex abuse.   A new arraignment was held this morning in Santa Cruz for 57 year-old Dr. James Kohut, Watsonville Nurse, 43 year-old Rashel Brandon and an Arizona Nurse, 30 year-old Emily Stephens.   Upon re reviewing video footage, county officials have increased the initial charges against all 3 defendants and have increased bail to 15 million dollars each.   Kohut is currently accused of 43 different charges.    While Brandon and Stephens are facing 40 charges each.    A preliminary hearing is scheduled to be held on March 12th.   

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