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Food Chain Radio News
Urban Farming Agriculture
         Food Chain Radio Host Michael Olson
              #941•  October 26, 2013  •  Sat 9AM Pacific

                  Guest: Joar Opheim, Nordic Naturals Company

What is essential about Omega-3 fatty acids?

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to health.  These fats cannot be manufactured by our body; they must be obtained through the foods we eat.

Throughout time, we obtained essential fatty acids from the meats we ate, because the animals from which we obtained the meat ate greens rich in Omega-3s.  When we confined those animals in feedlots, and fed them  grain, instead of greens, the essential Omega-3 fatty acids went missing from their meat, and from our diet.  As these fats are essential, we must find them someplace else, or suffer the consequences.

Like many ardent gymnasts, Joar Opheim often suffered from the aches and pains of sprained muscles.  Unlike many others, however, Joar lived next to the frigid waters of the North Sea and so had easy access to a means for treating aches and pains– Omega-3 rich fish oils.

As an MBA student at Santa Clara University, Opheim saw opportunity in Omega-3 deficient industrial foods, and so built a healthy business in California from the fish he caught in the North Sea.   This Omega 3 entrepreneur leads us to ask…

What is essential to me about Omega 3?

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Food Chain Radio News
 Urban Farming Agriculture
     Food Chain Radio Host Michael Olson
      #940•  October 19, 2013  •  Sat 9AM Pacific

Guest: Thomas Wittman, Gophers Limited


We build our farms, gardens, and homes to suit our needs, then they sneak in and steal everything they can.  And there are millions, and billions, and maybe even trillions of them!

There are the deer that jump the fence and eat the roses; gophers that tunnel in and eat the roots out from under the new peach tree; raccoons that march their entire family through the dog door to wreak havoc in the kitchen; rats that move in and foul up the place with fleas and fecal matter; skunks that waddle through as if not to be denied; and perhaps the most pernicious pest of all, people who think all property is their property.

If we do not control pests, pests will control us. What can we do to gain control.

One control strategy is to poison the pests.  The friendly farm and garden supply store down the way will, most likely, stock enough poison to wipe out several million pests, give or take.  However, we have come to recognize a significant downside to this strategy:  Poisons are indiscriminate.  When we poison mosquitos, we also poison pelicans.

Another strategy is to outwit the pests.  As Sun Tsu said, in The Art of War, “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”  And so we go in search of ways to control  pests by asking:  Which pests pester us most?  What are the seasons of my pests?  And…

How can we control pests?

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Food Chain Radio News
Urban Farming Agriculture
        Food Chain Radio Host Michael Olson
     #939•  October 12, 2013  •  Sat 9AM Pacific

                         Guests:  Various Participants of the Eat Local First Festival
“Charity begins at home” is an expression found, in one form or another, by people of all beliefs throughout recorded history.

The expression asserts, in the simplest of terms, that we should care of ourselves, our families, and our communities, first.  By first taking care of ourselves, we can develop the strength and resources to reach outside of ourselves to help others.

The United States did develop itself first, and then proceeded to help others in the developing world to the extent that, today, many neglected American communities resemble the poorer communities of the developing world.  And, in spite of the millions, and billions, and trillions being poured into these domestic communities by the U.S. government, they just keep getting poorer.

Who will resurrect these communities, if not the community members themselves?  What better way to begin the resurrection than by “thinking local, first?”  With this thought in mind we pause to ask…
Why eat local, first?

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