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Special Guest: Zoltan- Chemtrails and the Dangers They Pose

This week's special guest is Zoltan, a concerned citizen and opponent of Chemtrails.  Are Chemtrails real or are they just the workings of the paranoid?  Find out what everyone should know about what's being spread across the land of our great nation.

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Special Guest: Dr Bill Wattenburg- How  bureaucracy and Incompetence are Directly Responsible for the Loss of Lives in the Philippines

The total number of lives lost in the Philippines due to Typhoon Haiyan has climbed to over 3,600.  People in dire need of safe food and water are dying because supplies sent by relief organizations are not reaching their desperate targets.  Dr Wattenburg joins MZ this week to expose how  bureaucracy, arrogance and incompetence have caused the unnecessary loss of hundreds of lives.

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Guest: Pharmacist Ben Fuches- The 4 Dimensions of Healing and Disease

This is your invitation to an intense, fast paced journey to discover how the human body works.  What are the 4 dimensions of healing and disease?  This week's show is about addressing the causes of degenerative diseases and how to treat and prevent them.  Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness play a bigger role in good health than most scientists will admit.  Join MZ and Pharmacist Ben for this week's  "Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling",  now you can explore yourself without sinning (or making a mess).

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