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MZ's guest today is Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge Hon. Robert B. Yonts (Ret.). Listen as Judge Yonts tells about his experiences in the Santa Cruz County legal system. Judge Yonts addresses questions from the audience in what turns out to be a real learning experience for the listeners.
Beginning as a lawyer and working his way up the ladder, Judge Yonts has become one of the most beloved members of his community. Both, criminals and good samaritans will love this edition of The Saturday Special.

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Your Cell Phone is Being Used to Keep Track of You: How Everyday Technology Can Be Used to Keep an Eye on You

Is your cell phone keeping tabs on you?  Can your TV be used to see inside your house?  Is your Xbox watching you, while dirty movies?  Is this all just paranoia, or, is there really something to these kinds of rumors?  MZ stands up to the government evesdroppers and puts his freedom at risk to discuss how "Big Brother", or anyone else with the technical know-how, can use your favorite items to spy on you.  So put on your tin hats and stop playing with yourself (video games) long enough to ponder the intimacy of current technology.

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Drama on Drake's Bay! Guests- Bruce Cransler and Kevin Lunny

Join MZ as he embarks on a voyage to bring you both sides of the Drake's Bay Oyster Company controversy.  Is it more of the U.S. Government abusing it's authority or is it all being blown out of proportion?  Listen to this episode of The Saturday Special and decide for yourself!   Check out the link to Drake's Bay Oyster Company:

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