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The following is a KSCO commentary.  Here is Kay Zwerling:

          Looking back on many of my past Commentaries, it was interesting to see so many important issues have not yet been dealt with, and remain the same.  This one was written five years ago in 2008, yet nothing much has changed – and yes, Barack Obama is now in his second term. 

          Last week I spoke about the book “The Audacity of Deceit”, which is about Obama and his plans for change. 

Written by Bradley O’Leary, a leading respected conservative strategist and fund-raiser, who has taken election year tactics to a new and powerful level. 

O’Leary has developed an online tool to put into the hands of voters, who want to persuade friends and family to look deeper at the Obama value before voting for him.
          The test, which may be found at is a 39-question test where voters can compare their views to the true Obama positions that are seldom revealed by the mainstream media.  

For example, pro life voters unaware of the radical nature of Obama’s views can now learn how he would withhold medical care to babies who survive abortions and allow them to die in so-called “comfort rooms”.  

And, voters who have no knowledge of Obama’s economic vision can learn how his tax, trade, and spending agenda will destroy growth and opportunity, and how his healthcare program will provide taxpayer subsidized healthcare for illegal aliens.  

Bradley O’Leary concludes “The next President will determine the destiny of our Country.  That President should be a person whose values are yours.” 

Abundant kudos to Bradley O’Leary for his wisdom in creating such a unique and authentic way to learn about the values of a prospective leader of the United States and indeed the world.  

I took the test and learned that my values differed from Obama’s by 98%. 

Listeners – inasmuch as there is no third term in our voting pattern, the web address no longer exists.

For, this is Kay Zwerling.

© copyright 2013

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The following is a KSCO commentary.  Here is Kay Zwerling:

          I wrote this in November 2008, and it is in my book. 

Perhaps the most destructive, life-changing aspect of American society in the past 50 years has been the advent of political-correctness.

          These arrogant rules of behavior have remained in our society for much too long!   They are phony and should be discarded.   

          On the Internet, there are various descriptions of the meaning of “political-correctness” also known as p.c. 

          It is also ugly, stupid truth about offending people and guarding the First Amendment. 

Also, p.c. is called cultural Marxism.  It also is called The New Communism.  

          And finally, it is responsible for stifling liberty and Common Sense.  

          It is Leftist bigotry.

          It is astonishing, but these restrictive rules of behavior have been embraced and tolerated in our society, and even in all of Europe for so many years. 

          Now for the really destructive aspects of p.c.  

          It has made intellectual wimps of many elementary and high school students because competition is stifled, and the achievement of excellence is a no-no. 

          Worse than that – history is no longer factual.   It is tampered with and changed so that nobody’s feelings are hurt. 

          Now, with regard to the damage to our military:   Many Americans feel it is immoral for our government to listen in on phone calls originating from outside our Country, where we could intercept any possible danger to our military by our enemies.

          It is more important to that p.c. crowd of people to be sure that their First Amendment rights take precedence over our soldiers’ safety in war.  Another related topic is so-called torture.  I believe that all war is torture.  Waterboarding is called torture, though no one ever died or was permanently damaged by a few minutes of waterboarding.  And, very often, life-saving information is obtained.

          Waterboarding releases information that could save the lives of many of our soldiers.   If it saves even one, I believe it should be used.  Asking our military to fight with conditions is suicide.  Waterboarding the enemy has proven to save many soldiers.  To withhold it is crazy.   If a country is at war, it must fight to win and not fight with one hand behind them.

          So, to conclude – how incongruous is the way of liberal displaced compassion, where those of the political Left will show emotional concern for the perpetrator of evil, or the murderer, and yet minimize and ignore the pain or death of the victim.   It is another form of callous political-correctness. 

For KSCO, this is Kay Zwerling.

© copyright 2013

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Download File The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling: As a longtime resident of this planet, and a lucky native-born of this incredible Country, I need to speak out about why our United States, once the hope and promise of the world, is rapidly becoming weaker and unable to live up to its past expectations. It is our own goodness, generosity, and trusting nature, which is destroying us. The topic is: Assimilation vs. Diversity, and it is in my book. Let’s roll back the clock to around 1913 when my own European extended family was part of the greatest influx of immigrants to the United States. In the late 1920s as a child, I saw how proud and grateful my family was to be here in America where they saw the hope and opportunity nonexistent in their native country. The one abiding desire of all immigrants at that time was to quickly learn to speak, read, and write English – in short, to become truly American. That is called Assimilation. That desire to be American in no way diminished the love that newcomers had for their own culture, history, and national language. They knew it was their responsibility to keep their own heritage alive, and they never expected their newly-adopted country to do that for them. Fast-forward now to the early 1960s when immigration surged again, from Mexico, Korea, Japan, China, Viet Nam, and many other countries. It was then that the notion of diversity became very popular, and it was celebrated ad nauseam by the politically correct Left. Always motivated by feelings, never reality, the Left felt that it was wonderful to have this mixture of cultures in the United States, and in many ways it was true; however, the Left, in its enthusiasm, felt that as a country, We The People were responsible to help these newcomers keep their respective languages and cultures alive. Big big mistake So what happens? Since that time, most new citizens came from Mexico, and spoke only Spanish. Our public education system, led by leftist educators, created “English As A Second Language”, whereby Mexican children receive most of their education in Spanish, so their parents and they did not have to learn English. They remained primarily Mexican, but lived in America. That is called Diversity? I call it Disaster. Now, let’s fast-forward to 2002, like now. As a result of 40 years of diversity, and the rejection of assimilation, many immigrants still do not understand English, but they do have the right to vote, so our voting ballots are now in many languages. This is stupid and wrong, and it is weakening and destroying the identity of our own Country! It is time to demand that to vote one must read, write, and understand English, and all ballots must be in English only, because English is our national language. For KSCO, this is Kay Zwerling. © copyright 2013 Transcription compliments and courtesy of: or I ♥ Referrals!
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