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Local News

A  man  was  arrested  today,  for  punching  someone  in  Monterey  yesterday.      29  year-old  Benjamin  Van  Cleave  is  said  to  have  punched  the  person  in  the  head,  knocking  his  victim  to  the  ground.      The  injured  person  was  transported  to  Community  Hospital  Of  The  Monterey  Peninsula  with  serious,  but  non-life-threatening,  injuries.     Van  Cleave  was  booked  into  Monterey  County  Jail.

A  King  City  man  has  been  arrested  in  connection  with  last  months  stabbing  of  his  girlfriend.    23  year-old  Giovanni  Velasquez  was  arrested  today  on  the  300  block  of  South  Vanderhurst.     He  was  booked  into  Monterey  County  Jail  with  a  “No  Bail  Parole  Hold”.

The  man  who  suffered  several  gunshot  wounds  in  a  Soquel  parking  lot  yesterday  is  expected  to  survive.    An  infant  (that  was  in  his  car  during  the  shooting)  was  not  hit  by  any  rounds.     18  year-old  San  Jose resident  Joshua  Strauss,  who  is  thought  to  have  been  the  shooter,   is  being  held  without  bail  in  Santa  Cruz  County  Jail.

Several  threats  have  reportedly  been  made  towards  pacific  grove  high  school.  Threatening  letters  have  been  found  in  the  girls  locker  room  and  bathrooms.   One  of  the  notes  read: " bang bang like Florida on “Walkout Day."


(10:45) The National Marine Fisheries Service and the Pacific Fishery Management Council reported that the northern Pacific sardine population has dropped 97 percent since 2006.  The voting members of the fishery council are scheduled to meet on April 8, to discuss a fishing ban.  The organization Oceana will also request that the fishery managers develop a recovery plan at the April meeting.    

(09:50) Castroville - Authorities reported that 2 people were arrested yesterday, after deputies served a search warrant in Castroville.   At about 6 a.m. Deputies served a narcotics related search warrant on the 10200 block of McDougall Street.  During a search deputies found 3 illegal firearms, 30.1 grams of methamphetamine, 7.8 grams of cocaine and a digital scale.  28 year-old Salvador Rocha and 21 year old Elizabeth Rocha were booked into the Monterey County jail for charges related to the sales of narcotics & illegally possessed firearms.

(08:55) Santa Cruz County - Jurors awarded a Capitola man millions in a sexual harassment lawsuit with an Aptos-based company.   Former Beverly’s Fabric truck driver, Cole Hudson, resigned in 2013 after being sexually harassed by a coworker, Dan Rangle.   Court documents stated that the problem went unresolved after Hudson reported Rangle's behavior to supervisors.   Yesterday the Jurors awarded Hudson $2.6 million.   

(08:00) Santa Cruz County - Govenor Jerry Brown has appointed Santa Cruz attorney, Timothy Schmal, to fill a Superior Court judge’s seat vacated when previous judge, Heather Morse, retired in November.  Schmal is a Democrat and is scheduled to start his new role on April 16.

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