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Local News

(07:45) Santa Cruz - The Seymour Marine Discovery Center, in Santa Cruz, is offering free admission this weekend for Science Sunday.   A 1 hour lecture is scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m.  For more information visit: seymourcenter.ucsc.edu


(07:10) Monterey - The Monterey Police Department announced that there will be traffic delays in the area of Colton Hall today.  A march is scheduled to start at 10 a.m.  Motorists should expect delays on Pacific and Franklin streets.  For more information call: 646-3816.

(06:50) Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz County Supervisor John Leopold is scheduled to have a constituent meeting today in the Live Oak area of Santa Cruz.  Leopold will address county topics.  The community is encouraged to come and voice concerns and ask questions.  The meeting will be from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at People’s Coffee, located at 1200 17th Avenue.

The  grand  re-opening  of  the  Blaine  Street  Facility  is  scheduled  to  take  place  this  week.  It’s  been  re-designed  to  better  meet  the  needs  of  incarcerated  women  in  Santa  Cruz  county.    The  re-opening  ceremony  is  slated  to  begin  at  11  a.m.  Thursday,   at  141  Blaine  Street  in  Santa  Cruz.

Applications  are  being  accepted  for  positions  on  the  2018-2019  Monterey  County  Civil  Grand  Jury.      Each  year,  the  Civil  Grand  Jury closely  examines  local  governmental  agencies and  investigates  citizen  concerns.     Volunteers  need  to  attend  3  informational  sessions.     The  recruitment  period  runs  through  may  6th.    Among  other  topics  last  year,  the  Monterey  County  Civil  Grand  Jury  investigated  the  county elections  departmentthe  preservation  of historical  documents  in  the  county  and  mental health  issues  at  the  county  jail.   For  more  information,  people  can  go on-line  to:  Monterey.Courts.Ca.Gov/grandjury

A  23  year-old  Salinas  woman  has  been  found  guilty  of  domestic  battery  and  child  abuse.   That  after  Amelia  Betzabel  Andalon  punched  her  boyfriend  in  the  face  while  their  infant  son  was  caught  in  the  middle.   Andalon  was  sentenced  to  spend  40  days  in  jail,  and  has  been  ordered  to  be  on  probation  for  3  years.   

A  woman,  who  has  spent  more  than  21  years  working  for  Monterey  Public  Library,  plans  to  retire  soon.   63  year-old  Joanna  May  White  plans  to  make  her  last  rounds  with  the  bookmobile  on  marc g  29th.    A  retirement  party  is  set  to  take  place  from  5-7 p-m  that  day,  and  the  public  is  encouraged  to  attend  the  event  that  will  be  held  in  the  back  parking  lot  of  the  Monterey  Public  Library. 

Highway  1  has  been  closed  in  both  directions  since this morning, due  to  a  slide  just  north  of  Nacimiento-Ferguson  Road,  and  now  a  tree  has  fallen  across  Nacimiento-Ferguson  Road,  blocking  the  lanes  there.    Highway  1,   at  the  new  slide  area,  will  remain  closed  overnight.   Monterey  county  road  crews  are  working to remove the tree that is blocking Nacimiento-Ferguson  Road  about a half-mile east of Highway 1.

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