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Local News

(10:00) Marina - Community members voiced their concerns yesterday at a town hall meeting, about the Veterans Affairs Clinic, in Marina.  One of the issues that was mentioned was the clinic does not have an on-site pharmacy.  Attendees also questioned the security system on the new Veterans Affairs Clinic, which was opened in August.  VA Official’s stated that as of right now, veterans receive medication through the VA’s mail order pharmacy or a local drug store.  For more information on the clinic visit: paloalto.va.gov.   

(09:00) Monterey County - The National Weather Service in The San Francisco Bay Area has issued a Small Stream Flood Advisory for Southwestern Monterey County until 10:00 a.m. today.   Due to the rain fall, minor roadway flooding is expected, as well as an increased risk of rockslides and mudslides.   Drivers are advised to not attempt to cross flooded roads and to find an alternate route.


(08:50) Santa Cruz - The United Nations Association, of Santa Cruz County, is scheduled to host an International Women’s Day celebration this weekend.  The event will include an all-woman panel discussion on female empowerment and harassment in the workplace.   The celebration is scheduled to take place on Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m., at the Resource Center for Non-Violence, located at 612 Ocean Street, in Santa Cruz.


(08:00) According to state documents filed earlier this month, the California Attorney General’s Office drafted formal charges to revoke an accused child rapist and child pornographer of his medical credentials.  57 year-old Dr. James Kohut, of Santa Cruz, is charged with 48 felonies that include sodomy and oral copulation with children younger than 10.  Medical board Executive Director Kimberly Kirchmeyer and Deputy Attorney General Emily Brinkman filed an accusation against Kohut on March 5.  The filing asks the medical board to revoke or suspend his physician’s and surgeon’s certificates.  Kohut has 15 days to respond.  Kohut’s Codefendants, 43 year-old Rashel Brandon and 30 year-old Emily Stephens, who are facing 44 and 45 felonies linked with raping children, are scheduled to be back in court on June 4, for a preliminary hearing.   

(07:35) Monterey County - One of the candidates running for the 2018 Monterey County Sheriff, has dropped out of the race.  Jose Mendoza announced his withdrawal on a Facebook post last night.  Mendoza also stated, he will be backing Deputy Scott Davis for the position.   The primary election is scheduled to take place on June 5.

(06:40) Salinas - A threatening message, claiming there would be a school shooting at Alisal High School, in Salinas, was found yesterday.  Salinas Police reported that the message was found in the boy’s bathroom and it stated the shooting would take place today.  In response to the threat, extra patrol officers will be in the area as well as probation officers on campus.


2  people  suffered  only  minor  injuries tonight when  the vehicle  they  were  in  went  off  the  roadway  and  landed  (suspended)  between  2  trees.    The  9:30  p.m.  accident  occurred  on  Highway  68  near  SFB  Morse Drive.  It took  crews  a  while  to  extricate  the  2  injured  adults;  and  the roadway  was  closed  for  about  20  minutes  (to  get  the  vehicle  out  of  the  trees  and  back  up  to  the  roadway).  Highway  68  re-opened  in  that  area  shortly  before  midnight (Wednesday March 21st).

A  Santa  Cruz  woman  has  been  arrested  for  embezzling  thousands  of  dollars  while  she  was  the  Executive  Director  (and  President)  of  an  organization  that  helps  children  with  disabilities.   Lolita  Garcia  is  accused  of  stealing  more  than  $675,000  from  Central  Coast  Kids  And  Families  (a  non-profit  charity  in  Monterey  county).  Garcia  also  faces  charges  of  money  laundering  and  tax  evasion.  She  is  scheduled  to  be  arraigned  in  the  Salinas  courthouse  April  19th

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