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Local News

  • Watsonville Shooting-4/20/18-1533-PMD

    Authorities are investigating a shooting that took place on the outskirts of Watsonville Friday morning. Shortly after 11:30 a.m., police arrived to Riverside Drive and Industrial Road to a reported Read More
  • Free Shred Day Tomorrow 04/20/18A 05:35 S.S.

    A free paper-shredding event is scheduled to be held tomorrow. Up to 50 pounds of paper can be shredded for free, while additional shredding will cost people 25 cents per Read More
  • Development in SC? 04/20/18A 05:23 S.S.

    A developer has submitted plans to construct a 6-story mixed-use (residential/commercial) building where a Taco Bell currently sits on the corner of Laurel Street And Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz. Read More
  • Heart Surgeon Charged 04/20/18A 05:14 S.S.

    A  local  heart  surgeon  has  been  charged  with  sexual  battery.      That  after  2  employees  of  Salinas  Valley  Memorial  Hospital  reported  that  they  saw  him  groping  a  patient  after  he  performed  surgery. Read More
  • KC Woman Accused 04/20/18A 03:10 S.S.

    A 20 year-old King City woman is accused of conning a man to drive her to an isolated area, where she robbed and then pistol-whipped her victim. Although the incident Read More
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Local News

A  Marina  man  has  been  found  guilty  of  beating  his  wife  while  their  3  children  were  present.    Rahman  Rahmani also  violated  his  wife  protective  order  against him….several  times.    Rahmani  is  scheduled  to  be  sentenced  April  18th.   

The  superintendent  of  the  Gonzales  Unified  School  District  has  been  terminated  by  the  school  board.    The  decision  was  made  after  parents  and  others  felt  that  superintendent  Liz  Modena  mismanaged  the  school’s  budget  and  influenced  the  school  board  to  not  renew  the  contracts  for  3  teachers  who  had  a  history  of  good  reviews.

2  people  were  arrested  this  morning  after  search  warrants were  served  at  2  Salinas  homes.  The  swat  team  deployed  for  the  search,  because  both  places  were  known  as  gang  hang-outs,   and  known  gang  members  were  believed  to  be  on-site.   25  year-old  Eduardo  “Eddie”  Manriquez  and  35  year-old  Benjamin  Castillo  were  booked  into  Monterey  county  jail.

A  proposed  project  in  Sand  City  could  triple  the  size  of  that  Monterey  Peninsula  city.     The South  Of  Tioga  Development  would  include  420  residential  units  (with  85-foot  towers)  and  216  hotel  rooms  and  a  restaurant.    The  proposed  10.64 – acre  site  (including  some  light  industrial  buildings  and  some  un-developed  dunes)  is  bounded  by  TiogaCalifornia,  and  East  Avenues.

Claims  of  inappropriate  touching  are  being  investigated.     The  claim  is  that  a  pre-school  employee  touched  a  child  at  Tiny  Tots  University  in  Seaside.    The  facility,  which  serves  40  children  aged  3  to  5  years-old,   is  housed  in  the  Oldemeyer  Center.

The Santa Cruz city council members have approved a second round of permits for the bike share vendor, Social Bicycles to install 27 hub stations for 2 hundred and 50 bikes by the brand Jump to be installed by may of this year. The electric, eight speed, orange colored bikes will be available for two dollars for a thirty minute ride, then seven cents per hour after that. The bikes come with a bell and are required to be locked up at either bike racks or the special bike share hubs.

The Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals also known as the SPCA will be offering two camps this summer for kids who love animals.   There will be a horse camp, located in Salinas and an animal camp located in Monterey running Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Registration is open now and it is recommended to register as soon as possible via the SPCA website spcamc.org/camp


The Scotts Valley High School Drama Department will be presenting the Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy from this Friday through April 29th. Curtain time for the Friday and Saturday shows will be 7:30 p.m. and Sunday matinees start at 2 p.m. General admission is $13 for students, and $10 for seniors.

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