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Local News

A  Castroville  man  has  become  the  first  Monterey  county  resident  to  win  both   the  Big  Sur  Marathon,  and  The  Monterey  Bay  Half  Marathon.      31  year-old  Daniel Tapia   won  Sunday’s  race  with  a  time  of  1  hour,  3  minutes  and  35  seconds .      Tapia  was  running  the  13.1  mile  race  in  a  field  of  50  elite  runners.   

A  Santa  Cruz  restaurant  has  been  burglarized  twice  in  3  weeks.  Around  4:30  this  morning   a  surveillance  camera  caught  what  appeared  to  be  a  male  suspect  using  a  keg  to  smash  a  back  window  at  Pono  Hawaiian  Grill  on  Union  Street.    Once  inside,  the  video  showed  the  burglar  going  straight for  the  safe  and  pulling  it  from  where  it  was  bolted  to  the  wall.    Anyone  with  information  about  this,  or  any  other,   downtown  Santa  Cruz  break-ins  is  encouraged  to  contact  the  Santa  Cruz  Police  Department. 

A  new  educational  component  will  be  added  to  Hebbron  Park  in  Salinas.     The  Literacy  Campaign  For  Monterey  County  partnered  with  the  City  Of  Salinas  to  renovate  the  old  park,  and  part  of  the  renovation  includes  panels  that  feature  numbersshapes  and  words.   Hebbron Park  is  expected  to  be  done this fiscal year.   Research  shows  that  children  do  better  in  school  if  they  have  been  exposed  to  language  at  an  early  age.

A  skimming  device  was  found  at  a  gas  station  in  Gilroy.   People  who used  a  credit,  or  debit  card,   to  get  gas  at  the  Valero  station  at  1190  First  Street  may  want  to  check  their  bank  statements.  The  skimming  device  was  found  on  Gas  Pump  Number  2….and  removed  this  morning  around  10  a.m.      Gilroy  police  officers  believe  that  the  skimming  device  may  have  been  active  for  at least  a  week….if  not  longer.  Victims  are  encouraged  to  contact  the  Gilroy  Police  Department. 

People  who  have  had  items  stolen,  may  want  to  go  to  Gate  2  of  the  Watsonville  City  Yard  tomorrow  between  10  a.m.  and  1  p.m.,   to see  if  they  can  reclaim  their  stuff.      Watsonville  police  officers  say  that  they  found  several hundred  stolen  items  after  they  served  a  search  warrant  at  2  addresses  belonging  to  Jim  Rodriguez.    The  items  are  too  numerous  to  list  in  their  entirety,  but  include  laptop  computersiPadsconstruction  equipmenttelevisions,  and  dozens  of  bicycles.    The  Watsonville  City  Yard  is  located  at  320  Harvest  Drive,  and  potential  owners  must  bring  proof  of  ownership….which  can  include  photographs.

A  34  year-old  man,  who  turned  himself  in  to  Salinas  Police  officers (in  connection  with  a  hit-and-run  accident  in  Salinas  last  month),  now  faces  a  charge  of  Vehicular Manslaughter  With  Gross  Negligence.  That’s  because  41  year-old  Bernardina  Leon  has  died.  She  and  her  6  year-old  daughter  were  hit  while  walking  in  the  crosswalk  on  North  Main  Street in  Salinas.  The little girl was released from the hospital several weeks ago.

(11:55) A 4.7 magnitude earthquake has been reported with the epicenter in Gonzales. The quake took place at approximately 11:30 a.m. and there have multiple reports to KSCO of people who felt the earthquake in Santa Cruz. No damages have currently been reported.  


(11:50) Santa Cruz County - The Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency has been awarded a grant of over 200 thousand dollars by the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The grant was provided to improve safety conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians on Santa Cruz roads. This comes after Santa Cruz County was ranked the worst place in California for bicyclist injury and death. These funds will be used for multiple purposes including safety events and distribution of helmets and car seats.  

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