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Local News

  • SC Neighbors Meeting-2/18/18-1306-PMD

    Santa Cruz Neighbors is holding a meeting this Wednesday. The meeting will feature a panel of city and county officials. The panelists will briefly present their perspectives on a series Read More
  • Canine Flu Outbreak-2/18/18-1246-PMD

    Veterinarians are reporting an outbreak of Canine Influenza is affecting the Central Coast. The outbreak is being caused by two different strains of the virus which are new to the Read More
  • King City DV Incident-2/18/18-1223-PMD

    Authorities arrested two people following a standoff at a King City residence on Saturday. Shortly after 2:30 p.m. multiple agencies respond to the 1300 block of Sussex Circle after receiving Read More
  • Bear Creek Roadwork-2/18/18-1202-PMD

    The Public Works Department of Santa Cruz County has announced work on Bear Creek Road. Work crews will be active near Ralston Ridge Road. The work will take place between Read More
  • Hollister Car Chase-2/18/18-1542-PMD

    Authorities are looking for the man who led Hollister police on a high speed chase on Friday. The incident took place at about 1:30 p.m. when a patrol unit attempted Read More
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Local News

(06:40) Salinas - Salinas Police is seeking the public’s help in identifying a man who was allegedly involved in a residential burglary.  The burglary recently took place on Cherokee Court.  A picture of the man can be seen on the Salinas Police Department’s Facebook Page.  Anyone with information is encouraged to call 831-758-7250.

The  death  of  a  Salinas  Valley  State  Prison  inmate  is  being  investigated  as  a  homicide.   26  year-old  George  Argueta  was  found  unresponsive,  on  the  floor  of  his  cell.  He  had  suffered  multiple  stab  wounds.    Although  prison  staff  administered  life-saving measures,  Argueta  succumbed  to  his  injuries.   38-year-old  Jacob  L  Castro,  who  was  removed  from  the  cell,  has  been  named  a suspect  in  this  case.

The  37th  annual  Santa  Cruz  Clam  Chowder  Cook-Off  comes  up  in  about  a  week-and-a-half.  Amateurs  will  compete  on  Saturday,  February  24th;  while  professionals  will  compete  on  Sunday  the  25th.    The  top  awards  for  both  Manhattan  and  Boston  clam  chowders  will  be  chosen  by  a  panel  of  judges,  and  also  by  the  public.  Tasting  Kits  go  on  sale  each  day  at  10  a.m.,  and  public  tasting  begins  at  1 p.m.    The  event  is  slated  to  be  held  at  the  Santa  Cruz  Beach  Boardwalk….as  usual.    The  proceeds,  from  the  sales  of  the  tasting  kits,  will  go  to  the  Santa  Cruz  Parks  And  Recreation  Department.

The  trial  for  Gonzalo  Curiel  has  been  delayed  until  April.    Curiel,  who  along  with  Tami  Hunstman  has  been  charged  with  torturing  and  killing  2  children,  was  initially  set  to  go  to  trial  next  month.    That  trial  was  delayed  because  Curiel’s  attorney  is  slated  to  represent  a  defendant  in  another  case  in  Santa  Cruz  next  month.   Monterey  County  Superior  Court  Judge  Pamela  Butler  also  delayed  her  ruling  on  whether  to  toss  the  results  of  the  search  of  the  Redding  storage  locker  (where  the  bodies  of  6  year-old  shaun  tara,  and  his  3  year-old  sister  delylah,  were  found).  

Huntsman’s  trial  is  slated  to  begin  in  October.

A  special  ceremony  was  held  today  by  Monterey  county  Supervisors.   There  they  issued  a  formal  apology  to  the  more  than  120,000  Japanese  and  Japanese-Americans  impacted  by  the  executive  order  that  required  their  internment  76  years  ago.    More  than  3500  Japanese  and  Japanese-Americans  were  living  in  the  Monterey  Bay  Area  at  the  time,  and  they  lost  their  homesbusinesses  and  farms….  when  they  were  sent  to  the  “Relocation  Centers”.

A  26  year-old  man  was  arrested  in  Santa  Cruz  after  he  led  Santa  Cruz  police  officers  on  a chase  last  night,  while  he  rode  a  stolen  motorcycle.   The  incident  began  around  9  p.m.  after  Steven  Duran  refused  to  pull  over  the  motorcycle  he  was  riding  when  officers  requested  he  do  so  (because  the  motorcycle  was  missing  its  rear  license  plate).    During  the  chase,   Duran  lost  his  balance  while  riding  the  motorcycle  and  dropped  it.    He  was  booked  into  Santa  Cruz  County  Jail.

In  an  effort  to  mitigate  the  local  housing  shortage,  Santa  Cruz  City  Council  members  are  slated  to  discuss  a  possible  Rent  Freeze  during  their  meeting  this  evening.   Council  members  are  also  expected  to  look  at  how  they  can  encourage  the  Santa  Cruz  Riverfront  Association  to  keep  its  apartment  complex  on  Blaine  Street  as  a  Section  8  subsidized  housing  project….as  it  has  been  for  more  than  3  decades.  This  evening’s  meeting,  that  starts  at  7  p.m.,   is  slated  to  be  held  at  Santa  Cruz  City  Hall…..which  is  located  at  809  Center  Street.

(08:15) Santa Cruz - Cal Fire announced a Prescribed Burn is scheduled for today and tomorrow at UC Santa Cruz.  The prescribed burn will take place on the upper campus and the Natural Reserve.  There will be a temporary road closure along Chinquapin Road during the burning operations.  The prescribed burn is a cooperative project with UC Santa Cruz and Cal Fire for reducing the threat of wildfire and enhancing natural resources.

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