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Local News

A  40  year-old  man  was  arrested  this  morning,  after  he  crashed  a  vehicle  on  Highway  17.    Eric  Pearl  was  driving  south   near  Ocean  Street  when  he  lost  control  of  his  vehicle  and  it  hit  a  guard rail  and  flipped  over.    Pearl,  who  was  not  compliant  with  officers at the time,    was  arrested on  charges  of  D.U.I. 

The  32-acre  York  Fire,  that  broke  out  yesterday,  is  believed  to  have  been  caused  by  a  lit  cigarette  butt.    The  vegetation  fire  burned  off  South  Boundary  Road  near  Del  Rey  Oaks  yesterday  afternoon.    No  injuries  were  reported,  and  all  evacuations  related  to  it  were  lifted.

A  blaze  ignited  this  morning  near  Poppy  Hills  Golf  Course.    Firefighters  had  it  contained within  just  a  few  minutes.    The  fire  is  thought  to  have started  when  a  truck  hit  some  electrical  wires.  Any  P.G. & E.  customers  still  without  power  in  that  area  are  expected  to  have  their  power  restored  by  about 7:15 p.m.  tonight.

The  cause  of  last  night’s  fatal  accident  in  Hollister  is  still  being  investigated.      53  year-old  Hollister  resident  Maria  Luisa  Lopez  was  reportedly  driving  northbound  on  Fairview  Road,  south  of  Rosa  Morada  Road,  when  she  veered  her  vehicle  to  the  right….and  it  hit  a  tree.       Although  she  was  transported  to  an  area  hospital,  she  succumbed  to  her  injuries. 

(10:30) California- A new bill was unanimously passed by the California State Senate. The Pet Rescue and Adoption Act will require all pet stores in California to sell only rescue dogs, cats, and rabbits. This legislature aims to reduce mass breeding operations as well as to cut the cost of animal shelters that require a tax budget of over $250 million annually. The bill will go into effect beginning January of 2019.   


(11:30) Santa Cruz- A state of emergency was announced on Friday by California Governor Jerry Brown regarding the hepatitis A outbreak that has already brought the deaths of 18 people in the state. There are currently 581 reported cases of hepatitis A in California, with 71 cases located in Santa Cruz County. This declaration will allow state health officials to purchase additional vaccines in an attempt to curb the spread of the disease. For vaccination information visit santacruzhealth.org 




(08:40) Aptos - Valencia Elementary is Hosting its annual Harvest Festival this month.  The festival will have a haunted house, games, food trucks, Harry Potter activities and a bake sale.  The festival is scheduled to take place from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, October 28, at Valencia Elementary School, 250 Aptos School Road. 


(08:15) Watsonville - The Watsonville Police Department announced that it is National Teen Driver Safety Week.  Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers, ahead of all other types of injury, disease, or violence.  Teens and families are encouraged to take part in the programs offered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:  Start Smart, Every 15 Minutes, Impact Teen Drivers, California Friday Night Live Partnership,  The Power to Youth and the Power of Parents and Students Against Destructive Decisions.  For more information on programs visit: cityofwatsonville.org

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