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      How do you fix a broken political system?  MZ's guest is here to exchange some ideas and insight with the listeners.  Have you chosen sides in the great battle between the Left and Right, the Conservatives or the Liberals? Is it possible that ideology and righteousness, on both sides,  has poisoned our government to the extent of nonfunctionality?  This show is about taking back your country!

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Discussing Solutions to Homelessness- Guests: Claudia Brown, President of Homeless Services Center Board of Directors and Jim McBurney, Homeless Advocate
     This week's "Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling" is a lesson on forward thinking, addressing  solutions to the homeless problem in Santa Cruz County.  MZ is joined by Claudia Brown, President of the Board of Directors at the Santa Cruz Homeless Services Center,  and by Jim McBurney, a local homeless advocate.
    What are some of the causes of the homeless problem in Santa Cruz County?  Who comprises the majority?  What are the numbers, and what can be done? What about jobs? Listen to what plans are in the works, and what you can do to provide help and hope for the homeless.

Find out how you can help the Homeless Services Center in Santa Cruz, California by Clicking Here:  

Also check out: Smart Solutions to Homelessness, Santa Cruz County

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The Passing of a Local Legend: KSCO Celebrates the Life and Career of Don Husing (Hour 2)

MZ kicks off the celebration in honor of the passing of Don Husing.  Don worked at KSCO for over 40 years and has worked at several other stations on the Central Coast of California.  Don will be remembered on this day by those who knew and worked with him.  This will be a celebration, with shared memories and inside stories about the the man who loved radio.

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