Presentation High School: Victim Of Media Abuse Or Enabler Of Sexual Misconduct?
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Local News

2  mothers,  and  some  Watsonville  Police  Officers,  worked  together  recently  to  teach  2  boys  about  “consequences”.     Reportedly  one  woman’s  son  filmed  the  other  woman’s  son  jumping  onto  the  hood  of  a  Watsonville  police  car,   and  then  running  over  the  roof,  and  jumping  off  the vehicle.   The  women  brought  their  son’s  down  to  the  Department  to apologize,  and  one  mother  explained  that  her  son  would  do  community  service  at  a  local  food  bank  during  spring  break,  while  the  other  mother  insisted  that  her  whole  family  wash  the patrol  cars  to  make  up for  what  her  son  had  done.    Police  officers  gave  both  mother’s  kudos  for  turning  it  all  into  a  learning  experience.

A  Santa  Cruz  couple,  and  their  3  year-old  son  are  home  safe  and  sound.     That  after  the  3  were  robbed  at  gunpoint  while  traveling  in  Mexico.     The  robbers  are  said  to  have  taken  everything  the  3  had,  including  phoneswalletsclothing,  and  their  truck.

Seven  people  are expected  to  speak  Friday  at  an  event  tomorrow  in  the  Monterey  Bay  National  Marine  Sanctuary  Exploration  Center  in  Santa  Cruz.     Although  attendance  of  this  “Event  Santa  Cruz”,  called  “Our  Ocean”,  is  free,   people  are  asked  to  register  at,   to  attend  the  6-9  p.m.  event  at 35  Pacific  Avenue  in  Santa  Cruz.

The  5th  grader,  who  barricaded  himself  in  a  classroom  yesterday  at  a  Santa  Cruz  school,  was  reportedly  intending  to  injure  3  specific  students.   His  Bay  View  Elementary  School  teacher  managed  to  get  the  rest of  the  kids  out  of  the  classroom  safely,  and  then  Santa  Cruz  police  officers  extricated  the  11  year-old…..and  took  him  to  a  care  facility.   A  firearm,  that  his  parents  owned,  was  removed  from  the  boy’s  home.

The  Monterey  County  Sheriff’s  Office  Bomb  Squad  used  a  robot  to  search  the  Salinas  home  of  a  man  who  wielded  a  sword  at  officers  last  week.   Javier  Rodriguez  is  still  in  a  hospital,   recovering  from  wounds  he  suffered  during  an  officer-involved  shooting  last  Friday.  He  is  expected  to  recover.

Police are searching for a man who allegedly stabbed his girlfriend last night in king City.   The incident took place just before 8:30 p.m. on the 100 block of Division Street.  Authorities reported the victim sustained multiple stab wounds, which were inflicted by 23 year-old Giovani Velasquez.  Velasquez fled the area in a grey Toyota, which was driven by 24 year-old Alonzo Marquez.  The vehicle was stopped by CHP at Northbound Highway 101 off ramp at Canal Street.  Velasquez fled on foot, and Marquez was taken into custody.  Anyone with information on Velasquez’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact the King City Police Department.


(09:55) Monterey County - The Transportation Agency for Monterey County and the Monterey-Salinas Transit is seeking the public’s input on new transit services they believe are needed in their community. The first hearing will be at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 28, at 1428 Abbott Street, in Salinas.  The second hearing will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28, at 19 Upper Ragsdale Drive, in Monterey.   For more information visit:

A  fundraiser  is  slated  to  be  held  this  Friday,  to  help  raise  money  to  keep  a  shower  trailer  equipped  for  mid-county  homeless  people.    The  3rd  annual  Great  Chili  Cook-Off  is  scheduled  to  run  from  6 to  8:30 p.m.  at  Resurrection  Catholic  Community  Meeting  Hall  at  7600  Soquel  Drive  in  Aptos.   Tickets  for  the  event  can  be  purchased  at:

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