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Local News

A  sketch  has  been  released  of  a  man  who  allegedly  tried  to  kidnap  a  Morgan  Hill  boy  last  Thursday.     The 15  year-old  was  able  to  fight  the  man  off  during  the  3:15 p.m.  incident.   The  teen  then  ran  to  a  nearby  relative’s  house. The suspect was described as a 6'4" tall, light- skinned,  white man…with a thin build and wavy hair.   He may be connected with a black mid-2000's Ford sedan that was parked on the street nearby. 

Weather  Tech  Raceway  Laguna  Seca  was  the  site  of  today’s  Amgen  Stage  3  finish  line.   The  Amgen  Tour  is  a 7  stage,  645-mile,   race that  is  taking  riders  from  long  beach  to Sacramento  this  year.      This  Thursday  the cyclists  will  head  to  Morgan  Hill,  where  the race  will  start  and  finish  for  stage  4.    Each  year  the  course  is  different. 

A  King  City  man  has  been  sentenced  to  40  years  to  life  in  prison  for  molesting  3  children.      Margarito  Juarez  Zamarron  was  found  guilty  of  forcing  lewd  acts  on  children  aged  6  to  14  years-old.     Zamarron  is  also  prohibited  from  contacting  his  victims  for  at  least  the  next  10  years.

A  man,  accused  of  murdering  a  14  year-old  girl  nearly  30  years  ago  in  Castroville,  has  pleaded  not  guilty.    Arsenio  Leyva  made  his  first  appearance  in  a  Monterey  county  court  room  today,  in  connection  with  the  1990  killing  of  Christy Pina,  who’s  body  was  found  in  a  Castroville  artichoke  field.   Leyva's bail hearing is set for Thursday and a pre-trial hearing is scheduled for July 3rd

Thousands  of  dollars  of  donations  were  stolen  recently  from  an  agency  that  helps  support  the  Santa  Cruz  County  Animal  Shelter.   Thieves  reportedly  broke  into  The  Benefit  Shop  on  7th Avenue  In  Santa  Cruz  over  the  weekend,  and  took  donated  watches,   jewelry,  and  other  valuable  items.    More information  can  be  found  on-line  at:


A  Vacaville  man  faces  1  count  of  involuntary manslaughter  in  connection  with  the  Sunday night  shooting  death  of  19  year-old  Vacaville resident  Isaac  Lopez.     The  2  were  sitting  in  a  car  with  2  friends  when  the  shooting  occurred.     It  has  been  determined  that  Lopez’  18 year-old  friend  Javier  Calvo  was  holding the  gun  when  it  went  off.     Calvo  was  booked into the Santa Cruz county jail on one count of involuntary manslaughter.   His bail was set at a  quarter-million  dollars.

The  California  State  Attorney  General  now  has  5  days  to  appeal  a  California  judge’s  ruling  that  a  2016  law  (allowing  terminally  ill  people  to  end  their  lives)  was  unconstitutionally  approved.    The  End  Of  Life  Option  Act  allows terminally  ill  adults  to  obtain  a  prescription  for  life-ending  drugs  if  a  doctor  has  determined  they  have  6 months  or  less  to  live.    Riverside  county  superior  court  judge  Daniel  Ottolia  issued  an  oral  ruling  today  saying  lawmakers  acted  illegally  in  passing  the  law during  a  special  session  that  was  devoted  to  other  topics.    California  was  the  5th   state  in  the  nation  to  approve  such  a  law.    In  California,   the  writing  of  such  lethal  prescriptions  is  completely  voluntary.

The 15th annual Cesar Chavez Convocation will take place at UC Santa Cruz’s College Nine and 10 multi-purpose room at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. The event is free to the public and honors the memory of the labor activist and features social justice speakers. This year’s guest speakers are activists in the 1968 East Los Angeles walkouts that fought against unequal treatment of Mexican-American students in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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