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Local News

A 15 year old boy was arrested by Santa Cruz Police after being found in possession of a gun and drugs. While patrolling the Beach Flats neighborhood on Saturday afternoon the teen ran in front of a cop car which avoiding hitting him and tried to talk to him. The suspect then ran away and threw his backpack which was found with a pistol, an ounce of marijuana, and evidence of gang involvement. The teen was caught, and is facing several charges including possession of a concealed firearm and participation in a criminal street gang.

An earthquake struck northeast Gonzales yesterday. The USGS says it was an aftershock following the previous days 4.7 quake that has cause at least 50 minor aftershocks. No damages have been reported as of today.

King City council members are proposing a tax on guests who stay more than 30 days at local hotels and motels. Currently any guest who stays at a hotel pays a 10 percent Transient Occupancy Tax upfront and after 30 days guests do not pay it. The new tax being discussed Tuesday night would change that. The first part would limit stays to 30 days, after which guests would need to check in again and pay the T.O.T. Hotel owners fear the tax will deter long-term guests, such as farm workers, losing valuable customers.

The city of Santa Cruz 2017 overlay project work will occur on king street, Escalon, natural bridges drives, Delaware, Goss avenues, and Morrissey Boulevard from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on various days through Friday. The project is funded by Measure H tax dollars and is intended to repair local streets that have seriously eroded. The overall project is expected to be completed by December 22. For more information visit cityofsantacruz.com.

The Monterey County Board Of Supervisors tackled illegal vehicle camping on tuesday, with the passage of a Safe Parking Pilot Program. Supervisors unanimously approved the program at the District 4 Supervisor’s Office in Marina. The program allows up to 15 cars and RV’s to park between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. starting on December 1.           It’ll cost the county $150,000 to pay for private security patrols, case management, portable toilets and a dumpster for a year. 

The  Rancho  Los  Robles  housing  division  has  been  approved  by  the  California  Coastal  Commission…even  though  Coastal  Commission  Staff  Members  recommended  against  it,  due  to  North  Monterey  County  water  overdraft  issues.     The  54-unit  subdivision  is  slated  to  be  constructed on  33.6  acres  off  Sill  Road,   in  the  Las  Lomas  area.    

Although  the  majority  of  the  trails  and  recreation  sites  have  been  re-opened  in  the  Soberanes  Fire  closure  area  of  the  Los  Padres  National  Forest,   some  are  still  closed.     3  trails,  and  5  recreation  sites,  are  expected  to  remain  closed  until  repairs  can  be  made  to  areas  that  have  suffered  fire  and/or  storm  damage.    The  3  trails  that  are  still  closed  are:  Pine  RidgeTerrace  Creek,  and  Ventana  Camp;   while  the  closed  recreation  sites  are  Barrow  FlatsSykesRedwoodTerrace  Creek,  And  Ventana.     The  Forest  Service  plans  to  strictly  enforce  these  closures.    The  penalties  for  trespassers  include  5-thousand  dollar  fines,  and  the  possibility  of  spending  6  months  in  jail.   Portions  of  some  other  state  parks,  in  the  Big  Sur  area,  also  remain  closed  as  the  result  of  the   damage  done  by  last  winter’s  storms.     They  are  Garrapata,  Julia  Pfeiffer  Burns,  Pfeiffer  Big  Sur  and  Andrew  Molera.     Due  to  the  threat  of  severe  winter  weather,  campsites  in  the  open  areas  will  be  available  on  a  first  come,  first  serve  basis….as  conditions  allow.

Pacific  Grove  city  council  members  are  expected  to  weigh-in  on  a  variety  of  issues  when  they  meet  tomorrow.      Among  other  things,  they  are  looking  into  the  formation  of  a  Regional  Joint  Powers  Authority,  to  handle  future  fire  services  in  the  city;    whether  the  Architectural  Review  Board,  or  the  Historic  Resources  Committee,   will  handle  future  issues  on  historic  sites  in  Pacific  Grove;   and  if  there  should  be  a  new  policy  (or  ordinances)  created  regarding  the  use  of  leaf  blowers  in  the  city.

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