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Local News

  • SC Neighbors Meeting-2/18/18-1306-PMD

    Santa Cruz Neighbors is holding a meeting this Wednesday. The meeting will feature a panel of city and county officials. The panelists will briefly present their perspectives on a series Read More
  • Canine Flu Outbreak-2/18/18-1246-PMD

    Veterinarians are reporting an outbreak of Canine Influenza is affecting the Central Coast. The outbreak is being caused by two different strains of the virus which are new to the Read More
  • King City DV Incident-2/18/18-1223-PMD

    Authorities arrested two people following a standoff at a King City residence on Saturday. Shortly after 2:30 p.m. multiple agencies respond to the 1300 block of Sussex Circle after receiving Read More
  • Bear Creek Roadwork-2/18/18-1202-PMD

    The Public Works Department of Santa Cruz County has announced work on Bear Creek Road. Work crews will be active near Ralston Ridge Road. The work will take place between Read More
  • Hollister Car Chase-2/18/18-1542-PMD

    Authorities are looking for the man who led Hollister police on a high speed chase on Friday. The incident took place at about 1:30 p.m. when a patrol unit attempted Read More
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Local News

A  man,  who  was  recently  arrested  in  Santa  Cruz,  is  suspected  of  killing  2  people  in  Modesto  last  fall,  in  2  separate  shootings.   Robert  Earl  Davis  was  found  in  a  beach  street  motel  room.    Davis  is  thought  to  have  fired  rounds  into  a  home  there  on  October  28th,  inadvertently  killing  a  5  year-old  boy  and  injuring  his  friend…..and  on  November  21st,  Davis  is  believed  to  have  killed  21  year-old  Cody  Lea  near  a  park  in  a  drug-related  shooting.   

2  other  men,  who  are  also  believed  to  have  been  involved  with  those  killings,  have  already  been  arrested.

2  people,  who  were  in  possession  of  burglary  toolsstolen  license  plates,   and  a  controlled substances,  were  arrested  last  night.     Samuel  Beltran,  and  his  passenger  Alura  Castillo,  were  in  a  car  with  a  stolen  license  plate,  when  they  were  stopped  by  Santa  Cruz  county  sheriff’s  deputies  near  Watsonville.    Both  Beltran  and  Castillo  were  booked  into  Santa  Cruz  County  Jail.

A  Prunedale  man  now  faces  an  8  year  prison  sentence.    56  year-old  Crispin  Manuel  Vasquez  pleaded  guilty  to  1  count  of  forcing  a  child  to  touch  his  genitals.   Vasquez  has  4  prior  convictions  for  indecent  exposure.  He  is  scheduled  to  be  sentenced  May  22nd.    Once  released  from  prison  he  will  also  be  required  to  register  as  a  sex  offender.

(10:00) The City of Santa Cruz and Pacific Gas and Electric Company will be removing dead and potentially hazardous pine trees from Murray Street this month.  The tree removal will occur at the west end of the Murray Street Bridge with traffic impacted from Seabright Avenue to 7th Avenue.  One lane of Murray Street will be closed.  The work is scheduled to take place from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, February 20.  All travelers should expect delays and plan alternate routes if possible.



(08:35) Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz County is scheduled to host a meeting this month about a draft design for Portola Drive.  The public is invited to attend the third Pleasure Point community meeting, which will be from 6:30 to 9 p.m. on Thursday, February 22, at Del Mar Elementary School gym, located at 1959 Merrill Street.  Attendees will be able to review and provide feedback on draft design principles for commercial and mixed-use development in the Pleasure Point Commercial Corridor.    

(08:00) Pacific Grove - The Pacific Grove Police Department conducted a traffic enforcement operation over the weekend.  The locations included: David, Forest, Pine, 17 mile Drive and Sunset.  15 drivers were issued traffic infraction citations.  The violations cited were for excessive speeding, distracted driving, stop sign and insurance violations.


(07:45) Santa Cruz - Dr. James Kohut, who is an accused child molester, has been sued for the second time this year for malpractice at Dominican Hospital.  The latest malpractice lawsuit was filed by family members of one of Kohut’s patients’, who died in February of 2017.  The lawsuit accuses Kohut of failing to operate on Adam Tovar’s brain in time to save his life and questions whether Kohut’s alleged crimes affected the brain surgeon’s performance at work.  A case-management conference is scheduled for the suit at 8:30 a.m. on May 21, in Superior Court.

(06:45) Santa Cruz - The California Highway Patrol is offering a traffic safety program for senior drivers.  The Age Well, Drive Smart Program is designed to provide drivers with the keys to driving safer and driving longer.  Topics of discussion will include: How to tune up driving skills, learning about normal, age-related physical changes and how to adjust to them and understanding the alternatives to driving.   The class will be held on monday, march 5th, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., at 7695 Soquel Drive.  Space is limited, To make a reservation call 831- 662-0511.


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