Presentation High School: Victim Of Media Abuse Or Enabler Of Sexual Misconduct?
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Local News

(10:35) Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies will increase patrols at schools in the unincorporated county today to help reduce fear, after yesterdays shooting in Parkland, Florida Sergeant Cleveland said the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, offers free school lock down training and work place violence training for the unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County.  For more information visit:

(09:00) Salinas - The Salinas Police Department is scheduled to host a neighborhood watch presentation tonight.  The presentation tonight is part of the "Build Strong Neighborhood Series" which features different topics and city speakers each month.  The meeting will be held from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Martin Luther King Academy.  

(08:40) Soquel - Students from the Santa Cruz County Fire Academy and students from Cabrillo College Fire Science will be replacing fences, mending trails and performing maintenance at the Anna Jean Cummings County Park, in Soquel tomorrow.   The community service project was created in an effort to give back to the community for allowing Central Fire District, Watsonville Fire Department and Santa Cruz City Fire to use the park for wildland firefighting training.  Student volunteers will be performing maintenance tomorrow from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

(07:25) Watsonville - A man, who was reported missing earlier this week, has been found safe.  Yesterday Watsonville Police got a call of a disoriented elderly man behind Martinelli's on Beach Street.  Upon arrival officers learned that the man, Gerry Haney, had been reported missing out of the City of Clovis.  Officers reported that Haney was in good health and unharmed  


A  Salinas  man,  who  was  found  guilty  of  a  violent  12-hour  attack  on  his  wife,  has  been  sentence  to  time  in  prison.    41  year-old  Michael  Russ  has  been  sentenced  to  spend  18  years  behind  bars.  He  said  he  attacked  his  wife  last  July  (after he got out of prison) because  he  thought  she  had  been  cheating  on  him  while  he  was  serving  time  for  beating  his  wife  in  the  past.

Gayles  Bakery  And  Rosticceria  (in Capitola) turned  40  years-old  today.   The  Bakery  opened,  in  the  same  location,  in  1978.  Back  then  it  was  only  an  800  square  foot  facility….and  they  made  just  12  products.  These  days  it’s  a  more  than  5,000  square  foot  facility  that  serves  food,  and  baked  goods,   to  about  2,000  people  per  day.   

For  those  who  don’t  already  know,  Gayle’s  is  located  on  the  500  block  of  Bay  Avenue  in  Capitola.

A  prior  scam,  is  being  used  again  in  San  Benito  County.     In  the  scam,  a  caller  claims  to  be  a  local  sheriff’s  deputy  (who  explains  to  the  victim  that  that  person  has  “failure  to  appear”  and  “contempt  of  court”  citations….and  they  need  to  pay  a  fine  over  the  phone).    The  San  Benito  County  Sheriff’s  Department  wants  to  remind  people  that  they  do  not  take  payments  over  the  phone,  and  they  do  not  act  on  behalf  of  the  United  States  Federal  Court system.

A  man,  who  was  recently  arrested  in  Santa  Cruz,  is  suspected  of  killing  2  people  in  Modesto  last  fall,  in  2  separate  shootings.   Robert  Earl  Davis  was  found  in  a  beach  street  motel  room.    Davis  is  thought  to  have  fired  rounds  into  a  home  there  on  October  28th,  inadvertently  killing  a  5  year-old  boy  and  injuring  his  friend…..and  on  November  21st,  Davis  is  believed  to  have  killed  21  year-old  Cody  Lea  near  a  park  in  a  drug-related  shooting.   

2  other  men,  who  are  also  believed  to  have  been  involved  with  those  killings,  have  already  been  arrested.

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