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Local News

A meeting is being held today at the Watsonville Civic Center Community room on a proposal to improve levee protection along the Pajaro River. The project seeks to repair existing levees and construct new setback levees and floodwalls. Residents and workers of Pajaro Valley are encouraged to attend the meeting from 6 to 8pm.

On Monday hikers reported a black bear sighting at Jacks Peak Park in Monterey causing park officials to take some precautions. Signs have been put of notifying visitors and game wardens were sent out but no evidence of a bear was found. People are still encouraged to be extra careful and attentive as bears are known to travel through that are occasionally.

Occupants of a homeless encampment in San Lorenzo Park’s Benchlands are being asked to leave for a 24 hour period by the city Parks and Recreation Department. The reason behind the parks temporary closure is to clean up the area and install fences to contain the growing sprawl. The fences are designed to condense the homeless population, as currently they are driving the public away and also to contain the litter being disposed of in the San Lorenzo River.

Temporary  closures  of  some  key  trails  and  camps  in  the  Los  Padres  National  Forest  are  now  in  effect.  Pine  Ridge,  Terrace  Creek,  and  Ventana  Camp  trails…..as  well  as  Barlow  Flats,  Sykes,  Redwood,  Terrace  Creek  and  Ventana  camps.    The  closures  are  due  to  hazardous  trail  conditions,  and  will  be  lifted  once  those  conditions  are  resolved.   Anyone  caught  in  the  closed  area  will  face  a  penalty  of  5  thousand  dollars  and/or  6  months  in  jail.

A  Salinas  man  has  been  found  guilty  of  multiple  counts  of  sexual  assault  for  an  incident that  took  place  in Salinas in  April  of  this  year.     Jimmy  Alexander  was  also  convicted  of  kidnapping  and  robbery.    Alexander’s  sentencing  date  has  not  yet  been  set.

A  woman  was  stopped  after  she  sped  her  vehicle  past  Mar  Vista  Elementary School  this  morning.      The  driver  was  cited  for  reckless  driving,   due  to  going  85  miles  per  hour  in  a  25  mile  an  hour  zone.    A  group  of  first  graders  were  being  escorted  from  school  to  the  Aptos  Public  Library  at  the time.

In  an  effort  to  improve  recycling  in  the  city  of  Pacific  Grove,  city  officials  have  rolled  out  new  dual  trash  and recycle  containers  around  the  city.     The  money  for  the  upgraded equipment  came  from  a  Cal-Recycle  grant.    The  new  receptacles  have  a  full-sized  black  can  for  garbage,   and  a  full-sized  blue  can  for  recyclables….which  are  the  same  colors  that  the  local  garbage  company  uses…..so  they  should  be  easy  for  the  public  to  use  correctly. 

Kindergartners,  in  the  3  elementary  school  districts  in  Salinas,  will  be  getting  library  cards.      The  cards  are  being  delivered  this  week.   It’s  the  second  year  in  a  row  for  the  program,   who’s  leaders  hope  it  will  encourage  literacy  for  these  children  and  their  families.    Library  officials  say  they  have  many  resources  designed  to  help  children  and  adults…..from  programs  that  can  be  used  to  help  someone  learn  to read,  apply  for  citizenship,  get  their  G-E-D,  and  learn  how to use  computers.

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