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Local News

(06:40) Castroville - A man was arrested yesterday after he was found in possession of meth.  Officers conducted a probation search at 39 year-old Marco Heredia’s home in Castroville.   During the search several grams of meth was uncovered.   Heredia was booked into the Monterey County Jail on Drug Charges.

The  name  of  a  Boulder  Creek  woman,  who  was  declared  dead  at  the  scene  of  a  vehicle-versus-pedestrian  accident  in  Boulder  Creek  Sunday  morning  has  been  released.   60  year-old  Marsha  Nord  was  hit  shortly  before  9:30  a.m.,  when  a  vehicle  crossed  onto  the  shoulder  of  Highway 236 (where  Nord  was  walking)  and  hit  her.    The  24  year-old  Boulder  Creek  driver  tried  to  assist  Nord  but  E-M-S  workers  declared  her  dead  at  the  scene.    Although  the  cause  of  the  accident  is  still  being  investigated,  the  driver  was  arrested  for  driving  under  the  influence of  alcohol.

Go  fund  me  accounts  have  been  set  up for  the 2  Salinas  men  that  died  in  a  rollover  accident  on  Highway  10  near  palm  springs  on  Saturday.     39  year-old  Fernando  Gonzalez,  and  25  year-old  Ernesto  Vega,  were  tattoo  artists  in  Salinas.  They  were  traveling  with  4  central  coast  residents.  2  of  whom  were  hospitalized,  1  who  suffered  only  minor  injuries,   and  the  20  year-old  driver….who  did  not  suffer  any physical  injuries  in  the  crash.

A  man  was  arrested  in  connection  with  2  boulder  creek  churches  getting  tagged  over  the  weekend.     Rollin  Easley  was  booked into  Santa  Cruz  County  Jail,  after  he  was  seen  on  surveillance  video  footage  defacing  at  least  1  of  the  churches,  and  more  evidence  was  found  in  his  home.     Easley  faces  2  charges  of  felony  vandalism. 

Another  shooting  threat was  found  at a  local  school  today.     Graffiti  was  discovered in  a  bathroom  at  North  Salinas  High  School  (which  is  on  Kip  Drive  in  Salinas).     Included  in  the  message  was:  “there’s  going  to  be  a  shooting.  This  is  no  joke.     Everyone  get  out  if  you  “here”  shots.  Salinas  police  officers  are  investigating  this  threat,  which  is  similar  to  some  found  last week  in  a girl’s  bathroom  at  Pacific  Grove  High  School.

This past weekend’s Polar Plunge event raised $40,000 dollars that will go to help the 22,000 Special Olympic athletes and their families, to participate in sports across Northern California.   Central coast and bay area law enforcement agencies teamed up with the community to raise that money and awareness of Special Olympics Northern California.  The next Polar Plunge is happening march 17th in South Lake Tahoe.

Volunteer training for the Santa Cruz bird atlas will be held in March and April.    A bird atlas, serves as a conservation tool for land use planners, public utility companies, community organizations and politicians concerned about the environmental impact of proposed developments.    For now, the Santa Cruz bird club is the sole sponsor of the atlas project.  More information can be found on-line at: SantaCruzBirdClub.org

(11:15) Seaside - Authorities reported that 2 suspects wanted in connection with an attempted homicide in Seaside, have been arrested.  Officers found 23-year-old Deion Brown and 23 year-old Claudia Serrano at a motel this morning.   They were both booked into the Seaside Police Department.   

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