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Local News

  • Los Padres Fire Restrictions-6/22/17-1844-PMD

    (18:50)BIG SUR-The U.S. Forest Service announced it will be implementing increased fire restrictions in Los Padres National Forest. The restrictions are in response to increasing potential for wildfires. The restrictions Read More
  • Carmel Burglary- 6/22/14-1825-PMD

    (18:38)CARMEL- A man pled guilt in connection with three separate thefts at store in Carmel. 33 Timothy Callahan year old was convicted of commercial burglary, evading police officers, and hit Read More
  • Castaneda Sentence Delayed-6/22/17-1800-pmd

    (18:06) SALINAS- Former Salinas Councilman Jose Castaneda’s sentencing has been delayed. During yesterday’s court proceedings Castaneda delayed sentencing by obtaining a new attorney. Castaneda was found guilty in May of Read More
  • Watsonville PD Officer Stationed-6/22/17-1751-PMD

    (15:56) WATSONVILLE- The Watsonville Police Department has announced a dedicated downtown officer. The department says the downtown patrol officer is expected to improve the quality of life in the area. Read More
  • Soquel Water District Notice-6/22/14-1619-PMD

    (17:21) SOQUEL- Soquel Creek Water District has released a revised Notice of Preparation (NOP) for an Environmental Impact Report. The report is for the Pure Water Soquel project. The project Read More
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Flooding, Road Closures As Heavy Rains Fall On Saturated Ground

After years of praying for rain, Santa Cruz County has had more than its fill. Looking for something to bet on now that the Super Bowl is in the past? Try betting on whether 17 will stay open!

Take A Look At Some Local Flooding

Local News

(07:50) Monterey - The Transportation Agency for Monterey County announced that a 10-day construction phase on the Holman Highway 68 roundabout project began yesterday.   The construction will cause a complete shutdown of the southbound Highway 1 on-ramp through next Tuesday.   After that it will be closed at night through the early hours of June 29th.

The  nearly  650-foot  long  cruise  ship  that  has  been  docked  in  the  Monterey  Bay  since  Sunday is  scheduled  to  leave  on  Wednesday.  Passengers   on  the  ship,  named  “The  World”, created  their  itinerary.    At  each  port,  experts  educate  the  passengers  on  the  languageculture,  and  traditions,  of  the  area.     


“The  World”  is  expected  to  make  4  trips  this  year,   but  this  is  the  only  one  that  is  scheduled  to  dock  in  the  Monterey  Bay. 

The  Behavioral  Health  Bureau  of  Monterey  County’s  Health  Department  has  been  awarded  6  million dollars.     The  state  funds  will  be  used  to  provide  more  mental  health  services  at  2  sites  in  south  Monterey  county;  and  to  create  a  sobering  center  and  offer  other  services.   The  2  new  mental  health services  sites  are  slated  to  be  established  in  King  City.

The  seawall  in  Pacific  Grove  won’t  be  fixed any  time  soon.  That’s  because  the  California  Coastal  Commission  has  denied  the  Coastal  Development  Permit  Waiver  that  would  have  allowed  the  31-foot  section  of  seawall  to  be  repaired.    It  runs  between  Lovers  Point and  Sea  Palm  Park  on  Ocean  View  Boulevard.   Commissioners  say  they  denied  the  permit  because  some  locals  expressed  a  concern  over  the  lack  of  a  Shoreline  Management  Plan.

Construction  is  due  to  begin  this  Thursday  to  replace  the  Casserly  Road  Bridge.    The  11-foot  long  bridge  (between  Casserly  and  Smith  Roads)  is considered  to  be  a  key  connecting  route  for south  county  residents  and  businesses.   It  is  expected to  be closed  to all  traffic  between  Thursday  June  22nd  and  Friday  August 11th.    A  detour route is  expected  to  be  put  in  place  before  the  bridge  replacement work  begins.  

A  recovery  plan,  to  reduce  threats  to  the  threatened  population  of  Central  California  Tiger  Salamanders,  has  been  released  by  the  U.S.  Fish  And  Wildlife  Service.  One  guideline  includes  combating  the  introduction  of  the  non-native  Texas  salamander, and  another  the  restoration  and  conservation  of  their  habitat….especially  in  and around  the vernal  pools  on  the  former  Fort  Ord.   U.S.  Fish  And  Wildlife  Service  Recovery  Plans  provide  guidance  and  voluntary  planning  ideas  to  help  federally  listed  species  recovery….they  are  not  regulatory  documents.  Raptor species, such as Owl and Red-Tail Hawk, and vernal pool-dependent species, including Western Spadefoot Toad and Vernal Pool Tadpole Shrimp, could also benefit from the plan.

Although  a  Santa  Cruz  county  judge  determined  today that  Doctor  James  Kohut  will  be  able  to  post  bail,   the  doctor  won’t  be  able  to  do  so until  after  his  June  28th  hearing  in  a  Santa  Cruz  county  court  room.    Kohut,  who pleaded  not  guilty  to  11  felony  charges,  could  face  165  years-to-life  in  prison  if  he  is  convicted  on  all  of  the charges against him.  The judge  has  also suspended  Kohut’s  medical  license  to  practice  in  California. 

(13:45) Monterey - A Monterey County Sheriff's Deputy recovered 14 pounds of methamphetamine and more than $19,000 cash during a traffic stop yesterday.   The drug bust occurred just after 5:30 p.m. on Highway 101 south of Salinas.   47-year-old Maria Guzman and 43-year-old Cayetano Guerrero were both arrested and booked into Monterey County Jail. 

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