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Local News

The Salinas City Council voted 4 to 3 on Tuesday to ban oversized vehicles from parking in city streets and public places. The new ordinance classifies oversized as vehicles more than 20 feet long or 7 feet high. Included in that ban are recreational vehicles, the number of which has been on the rise in the city. The ordinance goes into effect in 30 days, after which Salinas police will begin citing vehicles.

A fireworks show is set for the City of Seaside come the fourth of July. It is the first time the city is hosting the event and officials say they want the show to help reduce the amount of illegal fireworks set off in the area. Fireworks are banned in Seaside and come with a fine of $2,500. The free event will run from 4:30 to 10 p.m. at Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course at 1 McClure Way in Seaside and will feature a live music, crafts and food vendors.

A  hiring  event  is  slated  to  be  held  in  the  live  oak  area  of  Santa  Cruz  on  Thursday.    Performance  food  service,  which  used  to  be  known  as  Ledyard,   is  looking  to  hire  class  a  driverstransportation  routerssupervisorswarehouse  supervisors   and  area  sales  managers.     The  hiring  fair  is  scheduled  to  run  from  4 -7  p.m.,   at  1047  17th  Avenue.

More  information  can  be  found  on-line at:   pfgc.com/careers  

Santa  Cruz  County  Public  Works  crews  expect  to  be  doing  roadwork  on  Kings  Creek  Road  this  Thursday  morning.    To  that  end,  the  road  will  be  closed  between  9  a.m.  and  11 a.m.     Crews  plan  to  do  some  geotechnical  drilling,   so  they  can  complete   storm  damage  repairs  in  that  area.

Volunteers  are  being  sought  to  help  out  with  the  Volunteer  Center’s  Of  Santa  Cruz  County’s  Transportation   Program.    The  Program  matches  volunteer  drivers  with    disabled  people  (and  ambulatory  seniors)  so  they  can  make  essential  trips  to  doctors,  grocery  stores,  the  bank,  etc.     Rides  are  provided  throughout  Santa  Cruz  county.

Drivers  can  choose  their  own  hours  and  destinations,  and  the  rides  are  provided  on  weekdays….during  business  hours.     Drivers  receive  a  small  mileage  reimbursement.

Firefighters  have  responded  to  a  wildfire  burning near  the south  Monterey  county  town  of  Parkfield.    By  4  p-m,  the  Ranchita  Fire  had  burned  10-acres,  and  was  burning  near  the  intersection  of  Ranchita  Canyon  Road and  Cross  Country   Road.

A  new  health  insurance  option  has  been  rolled-out  for  people  to  choose  from.    It’s  for  small  businesses,  and  self-employed  people,  who  want  fewer  benefits  and  lower  premiums.   It  is  supposed  to  retain  some  of  the  same protections  for  people  with  pre-existing conditions,   older  workers,  and  women,  that large  company  plans  now  have.

The  cause  of  a  Friday  fire,  that  displaced  4  people  on  the  Westside  of  Santa  Cruz,   has  been  determined  to  have  been  an  electrical  malfunction  in  a  back  bedroom.     The  10:30 a.m.  blaze  did  about   $100,000  worth  of  damage  to  the  single-story  structure  on  Younglove  Avenue.      None  of  the  residents  were  home  at  the  time  the  fire  broke  out.

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