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Local News

5  people  have  been  charged  with  de-frauding the states  recycling  program.   The owners,   and  4  employees  of,  Recycling  Services  Alliance  Corporation  have  been  charged  with  accepting  recyclables  that  were  purchased  from  other  states,  and  then  faking  the paperwork  for  those  recycled  goods.    They  are  said  to have  bilked  80.3  million  dollars  from  the  state  with  that  method.

A  new  Makerspace  is  set  to  open  tomorrow.   The  Hartnell  College  Makerspace  includes  3-D  scanners  and  printers,   laser  cutters,  robotics,   C-N-C  routers,  and  remote  control  drones.    The  grand-opening  ceremony,  and  public  demonstration,  is  scheduled  to  begin  at  3  p.m.  tomorrow  (Tuesday  April  24th).

A  20  year-old  man  was  arrested  Saturday  night  in  Salinas.    That  after  William  Mendez (and  2  other  people)  were  spotted  in  a  stolen vehicle.    Mendez  was  booked  into  Monterey county jail.  The  stolen  vehicle  was  returned  to  its  owner.

Santa Cruz Harbor officials are warning boaters of possible hazards. On Friday the harbor released a statement warning mariners of possible hazards due to dredging operations. The annual dredging permit expires on April 30th, this means dredging operations will be focused on removing the remaining shoaling in the west harbor entrance. Operations will require submerged pipes that may present a danger to larger vessels. The Harbor Patrol will be available to assist in navigation if needed.


The CHP is reporting that a motorcyclist was killed in a head on collision with a car near Santa Cruz on Saturday. The accident took place shortly before 2 p.m. on Empire Grade, near Smith Grade Road when the motorcycle and vehicle collide pinning the rider under the car. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.


A rise in Central Coast heroin arrests is underway. Recent busts in Monterey County indicate large quantities of the narcotic are available to drug users. Two pounds of heroin were seized in Salinas on April 3rd. It is believed that increased heroin sales are linked to prescription opioid addiction. The street drug is cheaper and in cases easier to obtain than pills. In response central coast law enforcement agencies are beginning to carry the overdose antidote, Narcan, in patrol vehicles. In 2016 49 deaths on the Central Coast were attributed to heroin overdose.


A Castroville man was taken into custody on assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence charges following an investigation. On Friday, the Monterey County Sheriff’s SWAT Team served a warrant at residence on Haight Street. 36 year old Isreal Orozco was arrested and booked into Monterey County Jail.


A Salinas bank was robbed at gunpoint Friday morning. At about 10 a.m., two armed men entered Pinnacles Bank on the 1200 block of South Main Street. The men jumped the counter and demanded money from the tellers. The robbers then fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact Salinas police.

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