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Local News

An officer involved shooting investigation is underway in Santa Cruz County.  Authorities say that a woman was hospital with gunshot wounds after she assaulted a deputy with his patrol vehicle after she slipped out of handcuffs. It happened at the Ocean Street Extension around 3:30 a.m. Friday morning after two patrol units detained a male and female with a stolen vehicle. The injured deputy was treated and released the woman was shot several times and is being treated in a trauma center. She will be charged with attempted murder when she is released from the hospital.

Tami  Hunstman  has  been  sentenced  to  spend  two  life  terms  in  prison…..without  the  possibility  of  parole.       Huntsman  is the  Salinas  woman  who  pleaded  guilty  to  the  torture  and  killing  of  her  young  niece  and  nephew,  and  the  torture  and  abuse  of  their  older  sister.    3  and  6  year-old   Delylah  and Shaun  Tara’s  bodies  were  found  in  a  Redding storage  unit  in  February.  Although  Huntsman’s plea deal spared her the Death Penalty, it  also  means  she  won’t be  able  to  appeal  this  sentence.  

A  tentative  contract  has  been  reached  between  the  Pajaro  Valley  Unified  School District  and  their  teacher’s  union.    If  the  teachers  vote  to  ratify  the  proposed  contract,   it would  take  effect  after  the  may  23rd  vote  of  the district’s  board  of  trustees.    The  tentative contract  retroactively  applies  to  the  2016-17 year.

3  men  have  been  cited  for  possessing  graffiti  tools.     That  after  they  were  spotted  walking  in  an  area  of  Soquel  Drive  that  had  recently  been  hit  by  taggers.     More  than  2  dozen  cans  of  spray  paint,  additional  spray  nozzles,  and  other  related  equipment  were  found  in  their  vehicle  in  an  un-incorporated  portion  of  Santa  Cruz  county.

2  Hollister  residents  are  scheduled  to  return  to  a  San  Benito  county  court  room  next  month  so  a  date  can  be  set  for  their  preliminary  hearing.     49  year-old  San  Ji  and  45  year-old  Jung  Choi  are  accused  of  killing  Ji’s  wife  Yoon  in December.    Ji  and  Choi  have  remained  in  San  Benito  county  jail  since  they  were  arrested.  Their  bail  is  set  at  more  than  2  million  dollars.

A  woman  suffered  major  injuries  this  morning  when  she  lost  control  of  her  vehicle  on  southbound  Highway  101  in  south  Monterey  county.   The  7:30  a.m.  solo-vehicle,  roll-over  accident,  occurred  north  of  the  Jolon  Road  exit  near  Camp  Roberts.     The  injured  woman  was  transported  to  an  area  hospital.

A  3:30  a.m.  Officer-involved  shooting,  that  took  place  on  Ocean Street  Extension  In  Santa  Cruz,  is  being  investigated.      Reportedly,   Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s  deputies  were  patrolling  the  area  when  they  came  upon  2  people  fighting  in  a  car  in  a  turnout  near  Paradise  Park.     As  deputies  approached  the  car,  a  suspect  attacked  one  of  the  deputies,  and  the  other  deputy  opened  fire.     A  shoot-out  ensued.   One  of  the  people  in  the  car  suffered  several  gunshot  wounds  and  was  air-lifted  to  a  trauma  center. 

The  deputy  who  was  injured  in  the  attack  has  since  been  treated  and  released.

A  24  year-old  felon  now  faces  2  more  felony  counts  (and  special  allegations)  in  connection  with  some  April  burglaries  and  thefts  in  San  Benito  county.   Alfredo  Zendejas  who  is  accused  of  stealing   a  jacket,  a  pair  of  headphones,   and  prescription  glasses,  was  on  probation  at  the time.  He  was  arrested  in  Hollister  and  booked  into  San  Benito  county  jail.

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