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Local News

A Seaside man has been convicted of robbery. 48 year old Kevin Williams pled guilty to two separate robberies on the same day in May. Williams physically assaulted a couple during a purse snatching then later used a replica gun to rob a drug store. Williams is expected to be sentenced to 19 years in prison on December 19th.

The Santa Cruz County public works department has announced that Hutchinson Road at the intersection of Summit Road will be subject to road closures. The closures are  currently happening between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and will continue through February of  2018. The closures are necessary for storm damage repairs. Motorists are advised to avoid this area and use alternate routes.

Blue Whales are being spotted in the Monterey Bay. Blue Whales are the largest animals on earth and usually are spotted in the bay during the summer months. Earlier this week an estimated 50 whales were sighted by whale watching vessels off the coast of Monterey.  Warmer ocean temperatures and an abundance of krill are believed to the reson behind the unusual fall presence of the whales.

An Injury accident shut down Highway 68 yesterday (Thurs). Shortly after 3:30 p.m. a two car crash between Highway 1 and Highway 218 sent four people to medical facilities with major injuries. The Highway was closed for several hours while the accident was investigated.

A roadway north of Boulder Creek was closed for several hours yesterday (Thurs). At about 3 p.m. a  fallen tree and downed powerline  blocked Highway 236 at China Grade. P, G & E crews were called in and the roadway was re-opened to through traffic at about 7 p.m.

Salinas  city  planners  say  they  have  an  idea  that  could  create  nearly  9,000  jobs.   They  have  developed  a  plan  to  put  industrial  parksbusiness  parks,  and  retail  stores  on  500  acres  of  agricultural  land   in  and  near  Salinas’  city  limits.  

A  Salinas  store,  that  opened  nearly  50  years ago,  is  scheduled  to  close  soon.     The  Beverly  Fabrics  in  Oldtown  Salinas  opened  in  1970.     Employees  have  until  the  end  of  January  to  sell  everything  they  can,   before  the  store  goes  out  of  business.  That  Beverly  Fabrics  Store  is  just  down  the  block  from  the  Dick  Bruhn  building,   that  caught  fire  several  years  ago.

Dozens  of  citations  have  already  been  issued  to  drivers  in  Santa  Cruz  county,   as  part  of  a  monthly  B.A.D.G.E.S.  event.      63  citations   were  given  out….some  to  people  Driving  Over  The  Legal  Limit,   and  some  while  Driving  While  Distracted.    The  top speeder  was  driving  at  93  miles  per  hour.

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