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Charley FreedmanI’m Charles Freedman, and I’m glad to meet you. When I was asked, in January of 2007, to take over the drive time show on KSCO, I saw an opportunity to do talk radio the way it ought to be: opinionated, but with respect for opposing ideas. I’m assuming you’re already somewhat familiar with me through listening to Happy Hour on KSCO. If you’re a long time listener you know where I’m coming from. For the benefit of newer arrivals, here’s a brief exposition of my approach to public discourse.

First, let’s define what we’re talking about. Any given statement is either objective or political. An objective statement is one that can be verified as true. “Barack Obama is President of the United States” is an objective statement – you may not like it, but it is certainly true. A political statement asserts a value judgement with which well meaning, intelligent people might reasonably disagree. “Barack Obama is a poor president” is a political statement – there are many good people who think he’s swell. In talking politics, we should always remember that before any statement we make are the unspoken but important words “I think”. My thoughts are no better or more valid than anyone else’s. I try to raise their value by bringing facts, history, and logic to bear in support of them.




Today's Show:

--4p.m.: Real estate investment expert Pat

Vitucci discusses next week's seminar with

Dr. Bill Wattenburg.

Also, Charley asks, who builds businesses?

--5p.m.: Guest Leighton Steward talks hot

summer weather and global warming.

Call and join the discussion, 831-479-1080!

--6 p.m. hour: Music and more!!!


The Life of Julia, by Obama campaign

The Life of Julia, a rebuttal






05/07/12--Charley interviews Captain Kenneth Johnson, Naval Order of the U.S., (left), and Lawrence Reeves.

Midway anniversary dinner, June 2nd, at Naval Postgraduate School. Click for Tickets.







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