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Guests: Justin Baker and Roy Masters- Syria: Is America Willing to Kick a Hornet's Nest?

The phone lines light up in this hour with more citizens unwilling to back another war.  Justin Baker, retired Army Ranger, also describes his experiences with the VA and why he feels that the government doesn't seem to be keeping it's end of the bargain with vets.  Roy Masters joins the conversation to give his perspective on the looming attack on Syria.

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Guest: Justin Baker- Syria: Is America Willing to Kick a Hornets Nest?

Justin Baker and MZ take calls from all over the Central Coast about the looming attack on Syria.  What is at stake what are some of the possible consequences?  Is nuclear war a possibility?  Can America handle another confrontation in the Middle East? 

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Guest: Scott Gold- Topic: Manufacturing in America, Can we Keep Up with the World Economy?

Most American manufacturing jobs have gone overseas to countries that practice child and slave labor, causing moral and economic dilemmas.  What can be done to keep American jobs in the states?  Is this just the unavoidable result of economic times?

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