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Local News

  • SC Harbor Hazards-4/22/18-1051-PMD

    Santa Cruz Harbor officials are warning boaters of possible hazards. On Friday the harbor released a statement warning mariners of possible hazards due to dredging operations. The annual dredging permit Read More
  • SC Co Motorcycle Fatality-4/22/18-858-PMD

    The CHP is reporting that a motorcyclist was killed in a head on collision with a car near Santa Cruz on Saturday. The accident took place shortly before 2 p.m. Read More
  • Heroin Busts Increase-4/22/18-839-PMD

    A rise in Central Coast heroin arrests is underway. Recent busts in Monterey County indicate large quantities of the narcotic are available to drug users. Two pounds of heroin were Read More
  • Castroville Arrest-4/22/18-2053-PMD

    A Castroville man was taken into custody on assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence charges following an investigation. On Friday, the Monterey County Sheriff’s SWAT Team served a Read More
  • Salinas Bank Robbery-422/18-1746-PMD

    A Salinas bank was robbed at gunpoint Friday morning. At about 10 a.m., two armed men entered Pinnacles Bank on the 1200 block of South Main Street. The men jumped Read More
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Local News

A  man  accused  of  torturing  a  Soledad  animal  has  pleaded  not  guilty  to  the  charges  against  him.     22  year-old  Devonte  Marquis  Sirwet  allegedly  stole  the  pit  bull from  his  mother’s  home  (about  3  months  after  his  mother  kicked  him  out).     Sirwet  is  believed  to  have  doused  “Kato”  with  lighter  fluid,  and  then  set  the  dog  on  fire.      He  faces  charges  of  burglary,  torturing  and  burning  the  pit  bull,  and  bringing  heroin  into  Monterey  county  jail.

2  men  were  arrested  in  Salinas  over  the  weekend.     25  year-old  Norteno  gang  member  Eduardo  Manriquez  was  arrested for possession  of  a  firearm,  and  a  felony  arrest warrant;   while  35  year-old  Benjamin  Castillo  faces  charges  of  possessing marijuana  for  sale.    Both  were  booked  into  Monterey  county  jail.

The  search  for  a  new  football  coach   for  Soledad  High  School  has  begun.   That’s  because  35  year-old  Soledad  native  Frankie  Berlanga  has  stepped-down.    Berlanga  spent  7  years  coaching  the  team.    The  Aztecs  never  had  a  losing  season  under  Berlanga,  making  five  post-season  appearances.     Berlanga  is  the  program’s  all-time  leader  in  wins,  posting a  48-21-1  record.    Prior  to  his  arrival,  Soledad  had  just  2  winning  seasons,  having endured  10  straight  losing  campaigns.   He  will  also  stop  teaching  Health  at  the school  at  the  end  of  this  school  year.

2  men  were  arrested  early  this  morning,  after  Salinas  police  officers  saw  the  passenger  discard  a  handgun   from   a  vehicle.     The  shortly  after  midnight  incident  took  place  near  the  intersection  of  North  Sanborn  Road  and  East  Market  Street.       21  year-olds  Diego  Hernandez,   and  Carlos   Oliva   Hernandez,  (who  both  face  gun-related  charges),  were  booked  into  Monterey  county  jail.

Members  of  the  Santa  Cruz  Yacht  Club  celebrated  the  club’s   90th  anniversary  over  the  weekend.     More  than  20 former  club leaders  attended  the  celebration,  including  86  year-old  World  War  II  veteran  Peter  Young,  who  was  the  oldest  Santa  Cruz  Yacht  Club  Commodore  to  attend  the  Saturday  event.

A baby seal was rescued from high surf at pebble beach on Saturday night. Cal Fire and CHP officers were able to remove the pup which was trapped on a rock out cropping by high surf and re unite it with its mother who was waiting at the scene of the rescue.


The National Park Service has announced increased entrance fees for Pinnacles National Park. On Saturday the agency stated that beginning January 1, 2019 entrances fees will be 30 dollars per vehicle, 25 dollars per motorcycle, and 15 for a person. An annual pass will be 55 dollars. The NPS says this is for additional funding for infrastructure and maintenance needs.


Santa Cruz police received a report of a mountain lion sighting on Saturday. The sighting was called in from the Arana Gulch area north of the Santa Cruz Harbor, shortly before 11:30 a.m. Although the sighting was unconfirmed authorities are advising area residents to exercise caution and not to leave children or pets unattended.

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