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Local News

Having  looked  at  3  options,  officials  now  plan  to  merge  the  2  swimming  pools  at  Gilroy  High  School.    The   5  million  dollar  pool  renovation  will  create  a  25  by  35  meter  pool,   which  means  the  school’s  water  polo  team  will  finally  be  able  to  practice  in  a  regulation  water  polo  pool.   The  renovation  will  also  include  a  new  tiled  pool  deck,    A-D-A  gate  upgrades,   restrooms,   and  showers.   The  project  is  expected  to  take  6 to 9  months  to  complete.

San  Benito  county  jail  is  in  the  process  of  being  expanded.    The  22-million  dollar  jail “podular”  expansion  project  is  designed  to provide  more  space  for  inmates  who  are serving  longer  sentences  than  they  used  to.   The  jail  will  offer  educational  opportunities aimed  at  equipping  those  inside  with  real-world  skills  they  can  use  upon  their  release.

A  15  year-old   was  arrested  this  afternoon,  in  connection  with  the  April  8th  shooting  death  of  a  man  in  front  of  the  Emerald  Bay  Apartments  on  Soquel  Drive  In  Santa  Cruz  county.    The  juvenile  was  already  in  custody  for  a  probation  violation,   that  took  place  the  day  after  26  year-old  Ivan  Villalobos  was  killed.   The  teen  now  faces  murder,  and  attempted  murder  charges.

The  big  sister  of  Shaun  And  Delylah  Tara  took  the  stand  today  during the  double  murder  trial  of  Gonzalo  Curiel.  One  of  the  things  she  said  was  that  she  thought  she  was  going  to die  at  the  age  of  9  years-old.   The  3  children  were  in  the  care of  their  aunt, Tami  Hunstman….and  her  boyfriend  Gonzalo  Curiel.

A  Salinas  man  faces  a  sentence  of  up  to  1  year  in  jail.    29  year-old  Ivan  Rodriguez  Guillen  was  found  guilty  of  taking  videos  of  his  12  year-old  naked  stepdaughter  with  his  cell  phone,  and  then  attempting  to  destroy  that  evidence after it was discovered.    Guillen  is  due  back  in  a  Monterey  county court  room  June  29th  for  sentencing. 

A team of five boys aged twelve to fifteen from the Santa Cruz Alternative Family Education home school program, have beat out hundreds of teams from across the country to become one of the six California teams to qualify for the national finals in Virginia in May.  The event called the Team America Rocketry Challenge; is the world’s largest rocket contest with one hundred thousand dollars in scholarships and prizes given to the top teams, along with a ticket to the international competition for the champions.   The competition is sponsored by the aerospace industry to ignite a passion for STEM amongst America’s youth. 

Ten out of the sixty five residential units being built in Aptos Village will be sold under Measure J also called affordable housing, which means those ten units will be priced lower than the surrounding units.  Five of the units are expected to be available in fall of this year, families or individuals must apply through the county to be considered for those units. Applications for the phase one homes are due May 18th, and there will be a drawing to decide who gets the first five units on June 1st.  The other five affordable housing units are expected to be available in late 2019.

Former Watsonville first grade teacher Robert Krietzman has been sentenced to five years in prison for possession of child pornography.  The images were discovered in May 2016 by Santa Cruz Police Department executing a search warrant at Krietzmans home in Watsonville. He was charged on September 6, 2017 with one count of possession of child pornography.  Judge Freeman has ordered Krietzman to register as a sex offender and participate in sex offender treatment and counseling. 

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