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Local News

Chefs,  who  wish  to  take  part  in  next  month’s  37th  annual  Santa  Cruz  Clam  Chowder  Cook-Off,   need  to  register  for  the  “rain  or  shine”  event.   The  2-day  benefit  is  slated  to  be  held  February  24th  and  25th.     Amateur,  and  professional,  chefs  who  wish  to  take  part  need  to  register  by  January  26th.      Entry  forms  and  rules  can  be  found  on-line  at: 


…..or  by  calling  Santa  Cruz  Parks  And  Recreation.  

 All  proceeds  from  the  event  will  go  to  Santa  Cruz  Parks  And  Recreation.

A  workshop  about  regulations  for  short  term  rentals  in  Big  Sur  is  slated  to  be  held  tomorrow  in  Salinas.    Big  Sur  residents  have  lobbied  to  establish  their  own  set  of  regulations  for  short  term  rentals,  instead  of  being  under  the  county’s  short  term  rental  rules.    The workshop starts at 1:30 p.m  tomorrow,  in  the  county  building located at 168 W. Alisal.

A  local  organization  is  still  accepting  applications  for  the  2018  Jimmie  Cox  Memorial  Scholarship.     The  $4,000  award  will  go  to  a  new,  or  returning, college  student,   who  is  majoring  in  agriculture.     Eligible  students  must  be  attending,  or  have  attended,  a  school  in  the  Pajaro  Valley  Unified School  District,   or  be  a  member  of  the  Santa Cruz County  Farm  Bureau.    Criteria  for  the  scholarship  are  based  on  student  leadership  skills,   a  demonstrated  commitment  to  the  industry,  good  grades and  financial  need.

In  honor  of  Martin  Luther  King Junior,  people  are  encouraged  to  sign  up  to  volunteer  for  next  Monday’s  “Day  Of  Service”.   There  are  numerous  projects  that  are  slated  to  be  offered  throughout  the  Santa  Cruz  county.  People  can  either  call  the  Volunteer  Center  Of  Santa  Cruz  County,  or  go  on-line  to:       


More  than  600,000  more  Toyotas  and  Lexus vehicles  have  been  recalled.    That’s  due  to  a  defective  Takata  airbag  inflator  that  needs  to  be  replaced.    Owners  of  the  involved  vehicles  are  expected  to  be  notified  by  March,   and  dealers  will replace front passenger inflators or air bag assemblies.

A  burglary  suspect  was  caught-in-the-act  early  this  morning  after  an  alert  citizen  called  police.    29  year-old  Salinas  resident  Marcus  Swingle  was  arrested  around  4  a-m.,  after  he  was  spotted  breaking  into  a  hardware  store  in  pacific  grove.    He  was  booked  into  Monterey  County  Jail.   

(08L15) Santa Cruz County - Authorities reported that 2 suspects accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from storage facilities in Santa Cruz County are in custody.  Stephen Kennedy and Mckelle Lloyd were recently spotted on the 3700 block of Soquel Drive taking items from storage facility.  Kennedy and Lloyd were arrested for burglary charges and booked into Santa Cruz County Jail.     


(07:40) Monterey - A project to install a pre-cast bridge with a 36-inch water line across Highway 68 at the Monterey Fairgrounds Road Overcrossing, was postponed due to weather.  An update will be provided later this week.  Motorists may expect minimal delays when work resumes.  For more information on this project and for traffic updates on other Caltrans projects in Monterey County visit: dot.ca.gov.


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