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Local News

The Santa Cruz homeless encampment known as the Benchlands has re-opened. The residents of the camp were evacuated for a 24 hour period last week to allow for cleanup and maintenance. The camp was also divided into equal sized spaces for the returning occupants. The Benchlands is located between the county building and the San Lorenzo River.


Basketball great, Stephen Curry attende the Santa Cruz Warriors Friday night game. Curry attended the game at the Kaiser Permente Arena with his wife. Golden State Warriors team mate Kevin Durant was also in attendance. The Santa cruz Warriors won the match up 111 to 82.




Gilroy’s mayor is attempting to enlist residents to fight speeders. The city has been examining options known as traffic calming solutions. One of those possible solutions is to provide radar guns and training to residents living in problem areas. The resident would clock chronic violators and provide license plate numbers to police, who would then issue a warning to the registered owner of the vehicle.


Marina police captured an out of state fugitive on Thursday. Authorities say that 27 year old William Tracy broke into the city yard, responding officers spotted the Indiana fugitive fleeing toward the beach. A short foot chase ensued before Tracy was apprehended and booked into Monterey County jail.


Watsonville (11:30): There is health advisory for Pinto and Kelly Lakes due to blooms of blue-green algae. This algae also known as cyanobacteria is known to produce toxins-- exposure to which can cause rashes, skin and eye irritation, allergic reactions, gastrointestinal pain, and other effects. At high levels, exposure can result in serious illness or death. The city of Watsonville has closed access to the boat ramp at the Pinto Lake City Park due to the large concentration of algae scum that has accumulated. Individuals and their pets are urged avoid contact with the water in both locations. For current water quality information contact the Santa Cruz County Environmental Health Services at (831) 454-3188.




Salinas (11:00): A new ordinance will begin today in Salinas regarding the homeless population. This legislation is being put forth by Salinas city leaders in the hope of striking a balance between giving homeless individuals a place to sleep and keeping Salinas streets and businesses clean and presentable until the housing crisis can be fully addressed. Under the new ordinance people will be able to set up camp on Salinas sidewalks at 7 p.m. and must be cleared out by 7 a.m.

Santa Cruz (10:30): The man accused of starting the Bear Fire was appointed a new attorney Thursday morning. 54 year old Marlon Coy is stands accused of intentionally starting the fire that led to the injuries of three fire fighters, the destruction of multiple structures and vehicles, and fire damages to nearly 400 acres of Boulder Creek land. Public defender Sarah Schumacher was relieved from the case for an apparent conflict of counsel. The nature of which has not yet been disclosed. Coy faces 11 felony charges and his bail is set at 800 thousand dollars.

(08:00) Hollister - Authorities reported that 1 person is dead after a vehicle vs pedestrian, hit and run crash.  The incident took place around 9:30 p.m. last night on Highway 25, north of Meridian Street, in Hollister.  Anyone with information about the suspects vehicle is encouraged to contact the Hollister Police Department.

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